We bring the IoT to life

With our proven digital and IoT portfolio we help companies improve the quality of life and conserve natural resources.

What Bosch.IO is all about

Together with our customers and partners we create groundbreaking AI-powered IoT solutions that transform business, enhance efficiency, and tap new revenue streams.

Our systematic, user- and business-centric approach accelerates the adoption of the Internet of Things and machine learning. We make a noticeable difference by deploying the Bosch IoT Suite, our software solutions, and our domain expertise.

Even outside of our customer’s organization, we can increase potential by transforming partner and supplier networks into a connected IoT ecosystem. We tear down silos to create a truly connected world, where data can be exchanged securely and used responsibly to mutual advantage.

Who we are

Bosch.IO has more than 900 experts across the globe working in digitalization and the IoT, and collaborates with 30,000 developers and AI experts from all over Bosch. Bosch builds and ships more than one billion devices (“things”) every year across all industries.

We have a team of consultants, cloud software developers, solution architects, project managers, UX designers, business model innovators, digital marketing and sales experts, and trainers, who work with our customers to create strategic ideas and put them into practice.

We have a worldwide presence, with locations in Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Immenstaad, Stuttgart), Bulgaria (Sofia), Singapore, China (Shanghai, Nanjing), and Japan (Tokyo).

We are experts for the Internet of Things

Our teams are diverse and interdisciplinary. Our experts have a wide range of backgrounds: we have associates with corporate experience, who can easily access corporate knowledge because they know the company inside out, as well as associates with experience outside of the company, who have worked in consultancies and start-ups, and who can contribute new ideas and provide input.

We have more than ten years of domain-specific software expertise and we know how to support companies that are transforming themselves digitally. For example, we provide a key component to Daimler’s system for firmware updates over-the-air (FOTA). Some four million car owners already receive new versions of the vehicle software – for example, infotainment system updates – conveniently and securely via the cellular network. The energy supplier EWE uses the Bosch IoT Suite from Bosch.IO to efficiently manage data on power consumption. This opens the door to value-added services. Solutions and technologies from Bosch.IO are not only used by customers such as Daimler or EWE, but also form the central software platform for the entire Bosch Group.

Bosch.IO is led by Dr. Andreas Nauerz and Yvonne Reckling.

Our achievements


Solutions for a connected world

We have designed, developed, and managed more than 250 international digital and IoT projects.

Icon Connectivity

Millions of connected devices

With our cloud-based Bosch IoT Suite we already connect more than 10 million devices.

High quality standards

We demonstrate our expertise through certification and hold the following ISO certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 20000-1, ISO/IEC 27001.


Proven IoT portfolio

The Bosch IoT Suite was voted “best in class” as an open source-based IoT platform.


Trusted partner

Bosch.IO was voted IoT Vendor of the Year in Asia Pacific in 2019.