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Key insights for the best yield and quality.
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How to Farm #LikeABosch?

Strawberries, potatoes, wheat or olives - Get to know at BCW20 how to sustainably boost yield and quality of various cultures with efficient weather management thanks to the IoT.

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Experience how Farm #LikeABosch supports optimum weather management.

Learn how to Farm #LikeABosch - with the IoT solutions from Bosch for a connected agriculture.

With the IoT solutions in Connected Agriculture, Bosch is contributing to master a global challenge - feeding a growing world population whilst at the same time preserving nature and its scarce resources. At Bosch ConnectedWorld 2020, we will present how to Farm #LikeABosch: across various cultures, geographical regions and agricultural stakeholders. We will present how to work hand in hand with mother nature and the weather with the help of the IoT. Insights at the right time are the key to success in agriculture. It is not about influencing - but about knowing and taking counter measures in time. Our IoT solutions for smart irrigation, disease prediciton, frost alerting and crop management await you at Bosch ConnectedWorld 2020.

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