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For your agriculture project, we will contribute our “3S” expertise and a whole lot more.


Bosch has many years of expertise in developing robust, affordable, and easy-to-use sensor technology.


Reliable software and cloud infrastructure is at the heart of each of our projects.


Connected Agriculture services are designed to support data-driven decision making based on field and other IoT data, including predictions and optimization models.

We connect agriculture

Agriculture impacts everyone’s life. As the world’s population grows, so the amount of farmland per capita shrinks. By the year 2050, according to estimates by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, farmers will have to sustainably increase their yields by about 50 percent in order to feed everyone. To achieve this, the agricultural sector needs innovative crop-protection and technology solutions – from farm to fork. That's why we are developing IoT solutions for all the players in the agriculture value network.

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What's in the pipeline?

In addition to ready-to-use solutions, we build on successful Connected Agriculture projects to help you start your own project. Learn more about them.

Smart crops - crop monitoring

Monitoring biomass and chlorophyll content

Bosch Connected Agriculture smart crops system for monitoring biomass and chlorophyll content.

Our award-winning smart crops system combines in-field sensors, crop models, and satellite information in order to reduce farming risks while maximizing yields throughout the season. In monitoring biomass and chlorophyll content, it helps to optimize the management of various cultures according to the parameters of results, time, and costs. The system features an embedded camera and multispectral sensors to collect, process, and communicate in-field data relating to soil, weather, and vegetation. It is able to deliver precise recommendations on fertilization, irrigation, and disease detection. Our smart crops system bases its decisions on agronomic algorithms developed with our partner Hi-Phen.

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Smart irrigation - irrigation optimization

Optimizing irrigation of high-value tree crops

Bosch Connected Agriculture smart irrigation system for high-value crops such as olives.

Optimal irrigation can substantially enhance the yield and quality of high-value crops such as olives, almonds, lemons, or pistachios. Our smart irrigation system uses real-time data and water-stress algorithms obtained from the plants – as well as field and meteorological data – to provide 24-hour remote monitoring and control of the hydric status of the crop. It is therefore able to determine the exact irrigation requirements of the plants and avoid both underirrigation and overirrigation. In the process, it generates water and energy savings.

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Reliable irrigation control

Bosch Connected Agriculture intelligent irrigation management through soil moisture measurement using sensor technology.

Bosch understands the challenges with current soil moisture sensing technology and the barriers to adoption they present. We intend to meet the market with a flexible, connected sensor – demonstrating innovation via self-installation, dynamic full and refill setting and optimised scalability. The market expects data integrity and Bosch intends to support various communication protocols via flexible APIs allowing for seamless integration into current irrigation systems.

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Smart Spraying - weed control

Beating weeds

Bosch Connected Agriculture smart spraying solution for intelligent precision farming and weed control.

Weeds compete with crops like wheat and corn for sunlight, water, and nutrients. This leads to lower yields. To combat these undesired plants as effectively as possible, herbicides are generally applied over large surface areas, covering crops and fields in the process. Bosch and BASF are therefore working together to further develop Smart Spraying technology that uses camera sensors to distinguish between crops and weeds. This will enable crop protection agents to target the weeds — and protect the environment.

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