IoT-based solutions will revolutionize agriculture in terms of both quality and productivity.

Connected Agriculture: IoT meets Agribusiness

Sensor-based solutions reduce farming risk and maximize quality.
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Benefits of our IoT solutions at a glance

Goodbye to guesswork and uncertainty in agrilculture.

Risk identification

Gain essential information to reduce the risk of frost or excess temperatures for your sensitive crops or control the amount of bacteria in your milk.


Save time and money with alerts to potential risks before they have a negative impact. Full control leads to quality assurance.

Convenient remote access

Anywhere, anytime: our applications bring remote data right into your living room.

Your way to agriculture 4.0

Deepfield Connect sensor systems for agriculture

Deepfield Connect sensor systems reduce farming risk. Icon lens

Agriculture is facing considerable challenges. Prime among these is the fact that the world’s population is growing at a faster rate than farmland. Connected Agriculture is one of the key responses to this challenge. Based on sophisticated sensor systems, Deepfield Connect provides concrete assistance for farmers in their busy working lives.

Our connected systems are designed to increase production output, improve quality assurance, and avoid waste. To help farmers optimize production, sensors are used to monitor parameters such as humidity and temperature in the field or in the milk tank. These values are transmitted to a smartphone app via the Bosch IoT Cloud, thereby providing a clear overview of what’s happening in the field or in the tank – anywhere and at any time. An individually adjustable alarm ensures prompt reaction when critical values related to frost, excess temperature, or milk tank parameters are reached. This ensures maximum quality and yield with minimal production costs and workloads, while also allocating resources efficiently.

"Incorrect foil management is a major risk factor in asparagus cultivation. The Asparagus Monitoring system effectively minimizes this risk. It's always surprising how different the dam temperatures can be in practice."
Dr. Ludger Aldenhoff - Asparagus Consultant

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Our understanding of Connected Agriculture: resource-friendly and sustainable

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