Bosch ID

Bosch ID becomes SingleKey ID

Bosch ID is becoming part of the SingleKey ID network. Enjoy the convenience of more partner brands with a single login.

Get to know SingleKey ID

SingleKey ID is the new single sign-on service for Bosch ID applications

Within the next months, all applications currently using the Bosch ID are moving to SingleKey ID soon. By becoming a part of SingleKey ID, the Bosch ID applications will belong to an even bigger network of brands offering you convenient access to their digital services with only one login. Not all Bosch ID applications will switch to SingleKey ID at the same time. In the meantime, you can use both solutions with the same set of credentials.

SingleKey ID – Partnering with strong brands for your seamless customer experience

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Why SingleKey ID?



SingleKey ID sets highest standards in terms of data protection and data security.



SingleKey ID allows you to access a constantly growing range of services and brands via one single login.



SingleKey ID is an expert with many years of experience in the connected world.



SingleKey ID offers a constantly growing network of brands connecting to make your digital experience easier.



SingleKey ID enables you to effortlessly manage your personal data at single central place.


SingleKey ID

Learn more about the SingleKey ID, who supports it and how to start on the Singlekey ID website.

Frequently asked questions

What will happen to my Bosch ID?

Bosch ID is now part of SingleKey ID. This means all services now using Bosch ID are currently working on their switch to SingleKey ID, which may take some time. Until the transformation has been completed by all related services, you can use the same credentials for the Bosch ID and for the SingleKey ID, regardless of which one you signed up to first.

Please be aware that having a Bosch ID means you automatically have a SingleKey ID with the same email address and password now. Please avoid signing up for an additional SingleKey ID under another email address. And please keep in mind that changing your credentials or deleting your ID will always affect the respective other ID, too.

Do I need a Bosch ID if I already have a SingleKey ID?

For a while, Bosch ID and SingleKey ID will co-exist: Some websites and apps will already use SingleKey ID, while some will still be using Bosch ID for their login. No matter which login method you have signed up to, you can access all partners of Bosch ID and SingleKey ID with the same credentials (email address and password).

What is the difference between SingleKey ID and Bosch ID?

While Bosch ID only provides access to Bosch websites and apps, the SingleKey ID is a service to use with many brands, enabling you to access the offers of many brands conveniently with one login. SingleKey ID will also offer a growing number of additional functionalities, e.g. an easy overview to manage all accounts you use with SingleKey ID.

Where can I use SingleKey ID?

SingleKey ID is a new solution with many partners coming aboard step by step. Not all partners will be available from the very start, but more are joining gradually.

What can I do if I don’t want a SingleKey ID?

You can delete your SingleKey ID at any time via the SingleKey ID website OR delete your Bosch ID at any Bosch ID service. Both actions will immediately end the contractual relationship between you and SingleKey ID and Bosch ID.

Please note that due to the unification of both IDs, deleting your SingleKey ID will also delete your Bosch ID and all connected accounts of your Bosch ID and vice versa. We therefore ask you to check for important partner accounts you might lose by the Bosch ID deletion.

Also please be aware that SingleKey ID is the exclusive login provider for all our partners. By deleting the SingleKey ID or Bosch ID, you lose all access to the formerly connected accounts and can only regain access by signing up for SingleKey ID or Bosch ID again. This will however not restore any data that get lost during the account deletion.

Which Terms of Use apply to me?

Though Bosch ID and SingleKey ID allow you to use the same login credentials, they are separate services with different Terms of Use each. Which Terms of Use apply to you depends on the respective service – for websites and apps with Bosch ID login page, the Bosch ID Terms of Use apply, for websites and apps with SingleKey ID login page, the SingleKey ID Terms of Use apply.

When your first Bosch ID account switches to SingleKey ID, Bosch ID will inform you about the new Terms of Use applying to the respective service.

On the SingleKey ID website you can find the Terms of Use for both IDs. The Terms of Use of the Bosch ID will additionally also continue to be available at the Bosch ID login page.