Connected Building Services

Our Connected Building Services support building owners, operators and residents to make the most of their building and equipment data.

More satisfied building users, lower operating costs

Our Connected Building Services for commercial buildings are the core of a smart building. They connect equipment and building infrastructure, convert data into a uniform format, and create a digital map of the facility that serves to assess its current and historic condition. Building operators, owners, and users can easily put this data to productive use, for example, to find better ways to make the most of the building’s space.

At Bosch.IO, we recommend taking a holistic approach that boosts user productivity while cutting building operating costs. And the priority use case can be designated according to the project’s requirements.

  • Bosch.IO Connected Building Services create a holistic view of the entire building. They tap all data sources to this end, including facility management, lighting and ventilation systems, sensors, and many more.
  • The open approach readily accommodates third-party systems and devices, which can be connected centrally.
  • Connected Building Services are manufacturer-agnostic: They aggregate data from diverse devices in a single cockpit for easy access and convenient use. Different buildings are easily compared from this central vantage point.
  • Connected Building Services process data to suit various use cases, for example, to optimize space utilization, monitor parking, enhance comfort and convenience, enable easy navigation within the building, cut energy costs, and troubleshoot faults centrally.

Digitalization strategy and IoT use cases for buildings

What, when and how to digitalize to save costs and time

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How do companies benefit from the Bosch.IO Connected Building Services?


Key insights

Our services enable facility management to monitor and assess a building’s equipment using key performance indicators. This makes it easier to spot any departure from the norm.


Lower maintenance costs

Building managers and facility managers can access the latest building data, anywhere and any time. They are then able to respond to incidents promptly before any further damage is done.


New services

Digital services afford building managers as well as manufacturers of building equipment and building automation opportunities to tap new revenue streams. Our Connected Building Services provide the perfect launch pad to do this.

IoT use cases for the building industry

Workplace distancing and contact tracing

Ensure a safe workplace during the pandemic.

Space monitoring

Make the most of rooms and workstations.

Ambient monitoring

A contribution to higher productivity and energy efficiency.

Indoor navigation

The fastest way to get from points A to Z in buildings.

Incident management

A more reliable, efficient and cost-effective way of resolving issues.

Usage-based cleaning

Boosting efficiency of building cleaning practices with the IoT.

Parking lot monitoring

More convenient parking and more efficient capacity management.

Connected Building Services – the key element of building automation

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