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Connected Building Services

Enabling a host of use cases in office buildings.

More satisfied building users, lower operating costs

Our Connected Building Services afford insights into the data of buildings and their installed equipment. With this knowledge, building managers are able to make well-informed decisions.

Key insights

Our services enable facility management to monitor and assess a building’s equipment using key performance indicators. This makes it easier to spot any departure from the norm.

Lower maintenance costs

Building managers and facility managers can access the latest building data, anywhere and any time. They are then able to respond to incidents promptly before any further damage is done.

New services

Digital services afford building managers as well as manufacturers of building equipment and building automation opportunities to tap new revenue streams. Our Connected Building Services provide the perfect launch pad to do this.

The power and potential of smart buildings

Our software services offer opportunities to explore new business models, particularly for companies that provide equipment, automated machinery, lighting, and other fittings for buildings.

Digitalization’s profound impact on the working environment in commercial buildings can already be seen and felt. Connected buildings can help boost energy efficiency, cut administrative costs, and do so much more for the building owner or facility manager.

Bosch.IO’s Connected Building Services connect all the corresponding equipment in commercial buildings and store the data in a cloud for easy access. Gaining insight into the building’s key performance indicators (KPIs) and capacity utilization is an exercise in convenience for building managers and facility managers. They can even contrast and compare several buildings’ statistics.

Space monitoring

Make the most of rooms and workstations.

Ambient monitoring

A contribution to higher productivity and energy efficiency.

Lift monitoring

Monitor lifts efficiently and optimize maintenance.

Indoor navigation

The fastest way to get from points A to Z in buildings.

Incident management

A more reliable, efficient and cost-effective way of resolving issues.

Usage-based cleaning

Boosting efficiency of building cleaning practices with the IoT.

Parking lot monitoring

More convenient parking and more efficient capacity management.

Why team up with Bosch.IO?

Domain and software skills

We know all about software and sensors, and a great deal about our customers’ lines of business. And we work with partners who are experts in their particular field. Drawing on these assets, we help our customers turn inceptive ideas into value-creating models – and then into tailored solutions that maximize that value.

Simple and swift

Our Bosch IoT Suite connects to your building equipment directly or via a gateway. The latter option opens up access to many installed sensors. We can easily adapt our off-the-shelf services and products to create custom solutions to fit your unique situation.

An open approach

Connected Building Services are open by design. In other words, we integrate third-party hardware and digital services, and offer cloud-to-cloud connectivity. We also provide access to the data collected in the cloud.

Our support promise

We can help you design, build, and install solutions tailored to your needs.

Utmost security and safety

We handle data securely and confidentially in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Bosch brand’s high ethical standards.

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