Our connected building solutions help you to make the idea of smart buildings a reality.

Connected Building: Fields of application in commercial buildings

How to increase the satisfaction and productivity of building users and reduce operating costs.
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How you will benefit

By supplying data on buildings and their technology, our services for commercial buildings will help you to always make the right decision.

Gain essential insights

Our services enable you to monitor your building equipment on the basis of key performance indicators (KPIs) and support the building operator in evaluating the data. Deviations are thus detected more quickly.

Reduce service costs

You can access the latest data on your buildings – from anywhere, at any time. As a result, you can pinpoint malfunctions before substantial damage can occur.

Enable new services

Use digital services to open up new revenue opportunities for yourself. Our Connected Building Services offer the ideal basis for manufacturers of building technology and building automation.

Smart buildings offer tremendous opportunities

Our software services help providers of building technology, building automation, and lighting to make new business models a reality.

Digitalization is already having a visible and far-reaching impact on the working world and the working environment in commercial buildings. These structures have to be more powerful and more energy-efficient while becoming easier to manage. One solution lies in the buildings’ connectivity and in their interaction with the people who work there.

The Connected Building Services from Bosch.IO connect all relevant pieces of equipment in commercial buildings – and store the data in a cloud. As a result, building operators and facility managers can easily use a notebook or smartphone to monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs) of buildings and their use; they can also compare the performance of multiple buildings.

Fields of application of Connected Building Services

Light monitoring
The monitoring of lighting on the basis of key performance indicators (KPIs) helps building managers make assessments and conduct efficient maintenance and repair tasks by accessing current data of the luminaries - at any time and from anywhere.

Lift monitoring
The monitoring of lifts in buildings on the basis of KPIs helps building managers improve the efficiency of preventive maintenance. You thus have access to the latest lift data – anywhere, anytime.

Learn more: our Lift Manager

Air quality monitoring
Identify indoor air problems by monitoring different air quality parameters. The building operator can then target and improve the indoor environment.

Space management
The visualization of presence data – using heat maps, for instance – displays how one or more rooms or entire floors are being utilized in one or more buildings. The building manager can consequently optimize the use of floor space and dispatch cleaning services as necessary.

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Connected building with strong partners: efficient, convenient, intelligent

Bosch.IO's Connected Building Services take an open approach and add value by integrating third-party services such as Modcam AB.

The LifeCycle Tower One (LCT) in Dornbirn, Austria is the first eight-story building made of prefabricated wood. Particu Icon lens
The first joint project in Austria concerning connected buildings

The LifeCycle Tower One (LCT) in Dornbirn, Austria is the first eight-story building made of prefabricated wood. Particular emphasis was placed during planning on sustainability and resource efficiency. Zumtobel Group developed a lighting strategy for the LCT One that features connected lighting infrastructure as well as sensors that measure parameters such as incidence of light, temperature, rain, wind, and motion. Various combinations of artificial and natural light can create different environments at meetings, for instance.

Thanks to our partnership with the Zumtobel Group – and aided by Dassault Systèmes and Modcam AB – building data can be converted into useful information. The Rhomberg Group, which manages the building, has an overview of the building’s status and technological health in real time; not only that, but our software also assists with remote monitoring by showing how any given space in the building is being used. This enables the Rhomberg Group to modify service intervals and minimize downtime while optimizing utilization of office space.

Our software can evaluate the many data points generated by connected lighting infrastructure. It is possible, for example, to view the fault status and energy consumption for every lamp, thus allowing the system to identify potential malfunctions and avoid them. Furthermore, the building manager receives data on the elapsed operating time and remaining service life of lamps. Last but not least, a maintenance log specifies conspicuous events, anomalies, offline equipment, and irregularities.

Benefits of collaborating with Bosch.IO

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More transparency for your building and building equipment.

Our Support
We accompany you from the conceptual design to the realization and implementation of the solutions tailored to your requirements.

Simple and quick
Connecting equipment in your building to our Bosch IoT Suite is done directly or through a gateway. This makes it possible to use a great many sensors that have already been installed. Standard services and offers make it simple to quickly set up your solution as per your unique specifications.

Open approach
Thanks to its open approach, the Connected Building Services add real practical value for customers. We integrate third-party hardware and digital services, and offer a cloud-to-cloud connection. We also provide access to the data collected in the cloud.

Domain and software expertise
Every day, we rely on our software experience as well as the sensor and sector expertise in house and of our partners – all of which we apply when working closely with you to generate an initial idea. We then define a value creation model from which we develop your customized solution with excellent practical value.

Highest level of security and safety
We adhere strictly to the Bosch IoT principles for each solution we craft. In accordance with data privacy laws and the high ethical standards of the Bosch brand, we ensure data entrusted to us is handled in a secure and confidential manner.