With the software solutions from Bosch Connected Energy you will make your metering point operation intelligent.
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Smart software solutions for smart metering operations

Make your metering operations truly smart

Get up to speed with digital transformation: our connected energy solutions provide a user-friendly environment in which you can automate processes and simplify your operations – both for statutory metering operations, with primary responsibility for meter operation, as well as commercial metering operations.

As required, various modules can be combined in order to achieve maximum transparency, quality, and automation.
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From rollout to routine operation

Automated processes and ease of operation

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Smart metering operations

Automation and Simplicity

Our modular portfolio provides you with solutions for your metering operations and for new services: from planning, optimizing, managing, and monitoring of the rollout process to SMGWA and communication with external market players.

SMGW Administration

Meter Gateway Manager

The Meter Gateway Manager can be used by either statutory or commercial metering point operators acting in the role of SMGWA. It controls and administers processes in accordance with BSI TR-3109 and is automated, scalable, and easy to use.

Rollout management

Rollout Process Manager

Optimal support for smart metering operations with modern (mME) and smart (iMS) meters. Using the Rollout Process Manager, you will be able to automate and orchestrate all the processes involved in your metering operations.

Service Provider Portal

Connected Energy

Our service provider portal includes an electronic basket for ordering all the standard equipment required for metering locations, together with digital order form and delivery note.

Market Communication

With our partner Virtimo

The Market Process Manager supports the various market formats and automates all the processes required for your metering operations.

Meter Point Management

Metering Operations Management

On the basis of master data, Metering Operations Management administers all the business processes involved in smart metering operations. Key functions include master data management, billing processes, and customer management.

Metering Data Management

Metering Data Hub

The Metering Data Hub provides external market players with metering data and with correction of implausible and replacement of missing metering data. It interacts with the Meter Gateway Manager and the Rollout Process Manager.
Automated processes with smart metering operations solutions from Bosch Connected Energy.
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Control and administer processes in Accordance with BSI TR-3190 with the Meter Gateway Manager of Bosch Connected Energy
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Rollout Process Manager by Bosch Software Innovation
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Service Provider Portal by Bosch Software Innovation
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The Market Process Manager from Bosch Connected Energy automates all the processes required for your metering operations
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Metering Operations Management from Bosch administers all the smart metering operations business processes.
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The Metering Data Hub of Bosch Connected Energy provides external market players with the right metering data.
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