Spearheading the Internet of Things

At Bosch.IO, we have been active in the Internet of Things for more than 10 years.
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We are experts for the Internet of Things

We know what it can achieve, which goes far beyond technology, changing businesses, nurturing ecosystems and disrupting industries.

Our team of IoT consultants, software developers, solution architects, project managers, UX designers, business model innovators, and trainers work with you to bring your IoT ideas from strategy to implementation.

On global scale, we design, develop, and operate software and system solutions for the areas of agriculture, smart homes and buildings, retail, energy, mobility and manufacturing.

We have the domain-specific, software, and organizational know-how to support companies digitally transforming themselves.

We are strongly anchored in the Bosch Group, as we also support its business units in a partnership approach for IoT competencies and technology.

Bosch in the Internet of Things
250+ IoT projects

Bosch.IO has designed, developed, and operated more than 250 international IoT projects.

From asparagus fields to welding robots

The Bosch IoT Suite is our comprehensive toolbox in the cloud provided as Platform as a Service. It allows the secure and efficient interaction of devices, users, and enterprise systems on a central, open software platform.

Our company vision is ‘We connect everyThing’. Through our Bosch IoT Suite, we already connect more than 10 million sensors, devices, and machines with their users and enterprise systems today. From asparagus fields to welding robots, from smart home gateways to freight trains, from elevators to EV charging stations.

Corporate information

With over 700 IoT experts, Bosch.IO has locations in Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Immenstaad, Ludwigsburg, and Waiblingen), Bulgaria (Sofia), Singapore, China (Shanghai, Nanjing), and Japan (Tokyo).

In creating Bosch.IO, Bosch took an early strategic step forward into the connected future. The leading international provider of technology and services acquired ‘Innovations Software Technology’ in 2008, a first in the context of the Internet of Things. The acquisition of ‘inubit’ in 2011 and ‘ProSyst Software’ in 2015 kept furnishing the company with core technologies.

Bosch.IO is a believer and shaper of open IoT ecosystems. We are active members in the Eclipse Foundation, the OSGi Alliance, and the Industrial Internet Consortium.

IoT career at Bosch.IO