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Quality management in the Internet of Things

It’s not just about the process. It’s also about the people.
“Quality management in agile development is flexible, and can be adapted to specific requirements and project parameters. The focus lies on technology and people; processes play only a minimal role.”
Cristina Bär, Director Quality Management Methods

Classic quality management: Go agile!

How can businesses successfully manage quality in agile software development?

Cristina Bär, Director Quality Management Methods at Bosch.IO
Cristina Bär, Director Quality Management Methods

At Bosch.IO we regard quality management as an integral component of agile development. This calls for an approach that focuses on customers and value creation. In agile development, functionalities are introduced gradually, step by step. Quality assurance measures are executed during every single iteration.

Our development team is responsible for the quality it produces. It also defines quality expectations. As quality management is an integral part of agile approaches, it heightens developers’ awareness of quality while ensuring compliance with laws, standards, and guidelines.

In addition to supporting agile software development, quality management adds value to the Internet of Things, including all activities and processes in the value stream as well as key subsidiary management functions.

We prioritize the quality of products and services for our customers. It is therefore a given that Bosch.IO continuously implements relevant standards and demonstrates its expertise through certification.

Upon request, we will gladly furnish certificates and other information.

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