Showcasing connected building use cases at the Bosch IoT Campus

Sensor data makes working life a little easier and helps optimize rooms’ layouts.


Campus space is limited. To make the most of equipment and assets, we need to know how they are used.


Install sensors in focus rooms to track capacity utilization.


Real-time data enhances comfort and convenience for everyone on Campus, for example, with an online tool to check room availability.

"From space management to lift monitoring – the Bosch IoT Campus in Berlin is the perfect venue for testing connected building use cases."

About the Bosch IoT Campus

The Bosch IoT Campus is the headquarters of Bosch.IO. More than 300 people work at the Berlin Tempelhof Campus, mainly on Internet of Things and digital transformation projects. Its IoT experts advise and support customers in their efforts to develop and install networked solutions. And that makes it the perfect venue for testing connected building use cases.

Bosch IoT Campus sensors

The use cases we implemented

Two Bosch Building Technologies cameras installed at the entrance count the people coming and going. Staff and visitors may feel they are being watched when they see cameras, so this is a sensitive issue. These cameras’ on-board software solve that problem by processing images and exporting metadata with information limited to the number of people moving in each direction. It does not tell us who entered or left the building. Only Campus Security, and no one else, is privy to video and access control data. The connected building application does not store this information.

Sensor kits inside the focus rooms track their occupancy. Infrared sensors tell us if a focus room is in use, but not who or how many people are inside. We also take some basic environmental readings – temperature, humidity, and in some cases, air quality – to compile and view statistics on space utilization and environmental conditions across the Campus.

A top-mounted lift monitoring kit tracks its performance – that is, door closing times and floor travelling times and other key metrics. The kit also provides leveling information, which tells us if the car stops above, at, or below floor level.

We track building and room data only, ensuring nothing can be mapped to individual people.

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