Digitization of the energy transition in Germany: Stromnetz Berlin relies on Bosch.IO

The energy supply company uses a Bosch.IO solution for its smart metering systems


Smart metering systems are increasingly replacing classic electricity meters. Energy supply companies such as Stromnetz Berlin are faced with the challenge of automating complex processes in this new market environment while maintaining existing business processes.


Stromnetz Berlin uses a solution from Bosch.IO for Smart Meter Gateway Administration, Meter Data Management, and Rollout Process Management. With these three products, customers have everything they need to roll out smart metering systems and ensure their operations run smoothly.


Bosch.IO software automates smart meter gateway administration processes and thus reduces operating costs. The user-friendly interface makes smart meter gateway administration a breeze. The solution can also be used for multi-metering and already supports other media such as gas and water.

"Bosch.IO is a competent partner at our side. Close cooperation, expert contacts, and agile development, which directly takes our regular feedback into account, lead to rapid progress and solutions."
Thomas Rütting Head of Metering, Stromnetz Berlin

Rolling out smart metering systems successfully

In 2016, the German Bundestag passed the law on the digitization of the energy transition (Gesetz zur Digitalisierung der Energiewende) and the law on the operation of smart metering systems (Messtellenbetriebsgesetz, MsbG). This means that metering point operators face a new challenge: the nationwide rollout and operation of smart metering systems and modern metering equipment. Stromnetz Berlin GmbH, a part of the Vattenfall Group, is no exception: By 2032, the company will meet the requirements of the law on the digitization of the energy transition, and they are counting on the support of Bosch.IO to achieve this. Stromnetz Berlin will equip 2.35 million private and commercial customers in Berlin with modern metering equipment and smart metering systems. The software solution developed by Bosch.IO for Stromnetz Berlin administrates and monitors these smart metering systems.

An individual solution, based on proven technology

For the solution for Stromnetz Berlin, Bosch.IO was able to draw on the existing portfolio: they use the Meter Gateway Manager, the Metering Data Hub, and the Rollout Process Manager. Enhanced by the individual requirements of the customer, these products form a customized solution. It includes a software platform for the automated operation of smart metering systems. Furthermore, the solution enables Stromnetz Berlin to develop a scalable system for smart meter gateway administration and meter data management. It provides intelligent and efficient processes during rollout and operation that guarantee short reaction times with minimal staffing.

StromPager: Better switching to benefit the distribution grid

Stromnetz Berlin relies on the expertise of Bosch.IO not only for the rollout and operation of smart meters. The two companies also developed the StromPager in cooperation with e*Message and IK Elektronik. This digital control system allows distribution grid operators to control individual systems as well as entire groups with a click of the mouse. An unstable or overloaded grid is therefore not an issue in the future either.

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