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QIVICON smart home platform uses Bosch IoT device management

The QIVICON platform brings together a very wide range of smart home devices from different brands under one technical roof.


Many vendors ply their wares on the highly fragmented smart-home market. Without a common tool to put these diverse products to use, the true value of a connected home remains out of reach for consumers.


QIVICON, Deutsche Telekom’s multi-vendor smart home platform, bridges the divide between smart home devices. Deutsche Telekom uses device management software from Bosch.IO to build those bridges.


Deutsche Telekom offers a wide range of white-label products, one being QIVICON. Companies in diverse industries can take advantage of this platform’s technology to quickly bring their smart-home products to market.

"For a home to become connected, it is essential that devices from different manufacturers can work together. In turn, a flexible software solution is needed that can connect devices simply and securely using different protocols."
Thomas Rockmann VP Connected Home, Deutsche Telekom

The QIVICON platform relies on IoT software by Bosch.IO

Simple and reliable management of devices. Functions can be combined independently of brands and devices.


QIVICON is an alliance of leading industrial enterprises that was initiated by Deutsche Telekom. QIVICON seeks to make smart homes a possibility for everyone – across manufacturers, all on a single platform.

Target market

QIVICON brings diversity into the smart home: partners include energy providers, manufacturers of household appliances as well as home and garden equipment, telecommunications companies, and providers of security solutions.

Products in use

Comprehensive use: Bosch IoT Remote Manager in the backend, Bosch IoT Gateway Software in QIVICON Home Base and in every smart Telekom router, and the Bosch IoT Gateway Software development kit (SDK) for plug-in development.

White label portfolio for smart homes from Deutsche Telekom

Graphic explaining the Qivicon smart home living

Initially launched in Germany, the Deutsche Telekom white label portfolio for smart homes has since become available in several other European countries. The Deutsche Telekom white label portfolio for smart homes consists of QIVICON – an open and secure smart home platform – as well as smart home gateways, apps, devices, and services. The smart home portfolio allows companies in various sectors to quickly and efficiently expand their core business with smart home solutions of their own.

Remote control of devices with the Bosch IoT Remote Manager

Deutsche Telekom chose to rely on device management software from Bosch.IO for setting up its QIVICON platform.

Our Remote Manager supports all popular device management protocols out of the box. This solution makes it possible to remotely manage, configure, monitor, update, diagnose, and use gateways, sensors, and devices. To this end, the following software functions of the device management suite by Bosch.IO play a central role:

  • Connection of QIVICON Home Base and Speedport Smart to the backend, and transmission of event data
  • Remote configuration and monitoring of QIVICON Home Base and Speedport Smart
  • Remote control of devices and firmware updates
  • Application lifecycle management: initial deployment and updating of QIVICON applications

Connecting devices using the Bosch IoT Gateway Software

Both QIVICON Home Base and Speedport Smart provide smart home functionalities out of the box.

WiFi router Telekom

Just as the QIVICON Home Base relies on the Bosch IoT Gateway Software from Bosch.IO, so too does the Speedport Smart. The Bosch IoT Gateway Software is a tried-and-true solution worldwide for a variety of applications – such as smart homes, Industry 4.0, and connected cars. Based on open standards, this gateway software supports numerous communication protocols out of the box, thus facilitating the efficient connection of devices, irrespective of manufacturer, to QIVICON Home Base and Speedport Smart.

Simple plug-in development based on Bosch IoT Gateway SDK

Partner companies and developers can easily and securely develop new QIVICON plug-ins thanks to a software development kit (SDK) based on Bosch IoT Suite and provided by QIVICON.

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