Energy management

Gain insights into your building’s energy consumption down to a device level

Cut down your building's electricity bill and increase sustainability

Energy use is the single largest operating expense in commercial buildings amounting to 30% of a typical operating budget, according to Energy Star, an energy efficiency certification organization. Almost a third of the energy consumed in buildings is wasted – mainly due to inefficient equipment use.

Businesses face challenges in reducing their energy usage due to a lack of data. Bosch Phantom solution for energy monitoring provides a clear picture of the building’s energy consumption down to a device level. This helps make data-driven decisions on which areas to target for efficiency improvements.

Our solution is a non-intrusive load monitor installed at an electricity main. It identifies multiple electrical assets on a single line by their unique energy signature. This eliminates the need for an individual energy monitor per asset. Incoming data is analyzed in the cloud by AI. The web-based dashboard provides full transparency on energy consumption site-wise, process-wise, shift-wise, or equipment-wise, depending on your needs.

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Energy monitoring in commercial buildings

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Key benefits

Asset benchmarking and optimization

Compare energy consumption of assets within or across offices to optimize operational use or identify equipment that requires service and replacement


Comparative analysis of energy optimization measures

Assess effectiveness of energy optimization measures by comparing energy consumption and costs before and after their implementation


Gamification across sites

Gamify energy saving across sites with incentives and recognition to achieve direct involvement of all employees

Bosch Phantom energy monitoring

How it works

Real-life implementation in Singapore

One of our customers, a large corporation headquartered in Singapore with 100 branches across the city, was looking to reduce their energy footprint and achieve greater sustainability. However, they faced a challenge of identifying the right optimization areas due to a lack of insights into energy consumption patterns of their branches.

To address this challenge, Phantom energy monitoring solution was fitted across all branches. In order to minimize disruption to their service, we have done the installation after working hours, completing it at each branch overnight. Our AI was trained to recognize individual electrical assets in the branches and accurately map energy consumption for each site. A centralized dashboard visualized data collected, allowing for a bird’s eye view over 100 sites.

As an ongoing implementation, our solution is now providing actionable insights to the customer. Phantom helps them identify immediate and long-term improvements necessary to reach their sustainability goals and reduce operational costs.

Energy monitoring

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