IoT expertise is within your easy reach

Want to become a specialist for IoT solutions? Then take our courses to learn from experts.

How do you benefit from our training?

You need skilled people to handle an IoT project and capitalize on your solution.

Experienced IoT trainers

We draw on a pool of experienced trainers to conduct our training across the globe. Learn about the IoT and its ecosystem in courses tailored to your needs and target groups.

Broad blend of theory and practice

In our training, we strike a balance between theoretical, hands-on and instructional methods. We rely on face-to-face training to ensure the best possible results. In addition, we support a blended learning approach that combines face-to-face training and online content.


Custom IoT training

Need a partner to help you and your colleagues tackle IoT projects? Our customized training provides you with exactly the knowledge and expertise you need.

Subjects at a glance

Our IoT Academy offers courses, workshops, and certification programs that enable you to plan, build, and roll out your solution. Our Fundamentals, Basics, Advanced, and Expert courses cater to every skill level.

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IoT device and connectivity training

These courses give you a technical introduction to the IoT. They cover typical challenges, basic prototyping, and security aspects of IoT products.

IoT backend training

These courses explore the challenges of IoT backends. Subjects include basics in IoT and cloud development, as well as IoT product security.

IoT business training

Great technology alone will not put you on the road to success. These courses show you how to create innovative business models and user-centered IoT solutions.

Bosch IoT Suite training

These courses familiarize you with each service, its features, and its operating principles. They cover everything from the basics to developing a tailored solution with diverse hardware.
"Kick-start your journey to digital transformation with us. Our trainers provide all the tools you need to bring the IoT to life."
Ralf Loebe Head of IoT Academy

Our training tailored to your goals

Our methods provide all the options to best address your learning needs.


Our face-to-face training stresses hands-on learning to achieve excellent results. We conduct these courses at one of our international locations or at your site.

Live online

If you want highly collaborative, interactive training freed of the constraints of place and time, our live online option is your go-to choice.

On-demand online

Gain new skills at your convenience with our on-demand online training – anywhere, anytime you want.

Audio and video production credentials

Our experience in video and audio production, paired with our media learning design skills, assures a high standard of training.