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Set out on your journey into the IoT with our digital workshops

We put together your individual package to quickly validate new business opportunities in the IoT.

From idea sprint to a minimal viable product: Bosch.IO is there to guide you on your IoT journey


More than 250 IoT projects have taught us that it takes more than simply connecting sensors to the cloud to chart your course into the IoT. You need a structured roadmap with a big-picture view for your IoT concept to succeed.

A modular approach

Wherever you may be on your IoT journey, we will accompany you with an IoT Starter Package tailored to your needs with modular components.


We leverage scientifically proven and field-tested frameworks to help develop an ideal digital strategy and the right IoT business model for you. Our expert community aids us in defining methods and continuously refining them.

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How does it work?

Digital kick-off workshop

Defining business outcomes is key for every successful IoT project. Thus, we kick-off the project with a joint workshop to evaluate the status quo and define your targets. At the end of the day, a roadmap with assigned responsibilities and deadlines helps to quickly get started with the first steps.

Idea sprint, concept definition

In the initial phase, we work with you to jointly formulate promising business ideas and the corresponding use cases. We then choose the most promising concept from this idea pool and develop it further. The assumptions underlying this choice are being made transparent and can then be validated. We lay the foundations for your MVP in the course of this two-day workshop.

Concept validation

Together with our User Experience (UX) specialists, we finetune your concept and immediately validate it in initial user interviews. This tells us right away whether there is interest in the idea and whether critical assumptions have been realistically evaluated. In parallel, you can conduct business case calculation or additional market and user research to validate other relevant assumptions. The advantage of this approach is that you can minimize the risk of your idea not being the optimal fit for user and market requirements early on.

Solution approach and incubation

We then use functional prototypes and a technical Proof of Concept (PoC) to test the solution iteratively with your customer, refining it and developing it further. This lets us quickly and easily test whether your solution strategy is technically feasible and whether or not the planned functionalities will cover the requirements of your users.

Developing the MVP

Our developers then create an initial solution, the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), based on the prototype and the Bosch IoT Suite. We develop the MVP in alternating development and test sprints. We test the MVP constantly in the market together with our UX designers and improve it in iterative cycles. Our IoT Starter Package gives you a fast-track introduction to the mindset and working style for IoT business models and solutions, which will continue to benefit you in the development of further business ideas in the future. Your MVP now serves as a foundation for your sustainable, scalable IoT solution.

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Why opt for the IoT Starter Package?

  • You receive a fast-track introduction to the Internet of Things with the IoT experts from Bosch.
  • You profit from our many years of IoT experience and the in-depth methodological, technical and domain knowledge of our experts.
  • Our experts accompany, advise and support you throughout the entire process, ensuring a seamless transition from the initial idea to the prototype and finally to your MVP.
  • Thanks to fast and early validation and adaptation of your solution, you increase your chances of success while minimizing your risks.
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