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Driving digital transformation with the IoT

Successful transformation is all about building on innovative new work concepts that address lifelong learning in the workplace while targeting and tapping the potential of digital technologies. With more than ten years’ experience navigating the IoT, Bosch.IO is your go-to partner for co-developing smart learning environments for the working world. We seamlessly integrate the latest technologies such as the IoT, augmented reality (AR), and even 3D holograms into the work environment. And we incorporate this technology into a new work experience by design to enable continuous learning based on what actually transpires at the workplace.

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Innovating, participating, & co-creating to proactively shape cultural change

We accompany you on your journey to digital transformation, co-creating innovative and participative formats with you to enable an employee experience at the workplace. Digital skills acquired in an explorative fashion are more effective than knowledge conveyed through theory alone. Create experiences, not lessons: With this motto in mind, we design learning journeys for people to experience digital technologies with a real-world touch. This also fosters an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas among the workforce, the aim being to encourage staff to explore the potential of new technologies at their workplace, discover innovative uses for these applications, and have a formative role in shaping digital transformation.

Smart learning in practice

Shape the future with us

New Work Journey

Take a guided tour of the Bosch IoT Campus in Berlin to get an idea of what hybrid work environments are all about.

(approx. 10 people/half day)

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Smart Learning Barcamp

Explore up to ten learning experiences and co-create ideas and inceptive application scenarios.

(approx. 50 people/1 day)

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Smart Learning Masterclass

Develop a sound L&D strategy based on the Smart Learning Framework to enable effective smart learning.

(approx. 8 people/2 days)

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Smart Learning Design Sprint

Join us in developing a smart learning prototype for your company.

(approx.7 people/ 3-5 days)

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New Work Playground

Let us design a smart learning experience to serve as a playground where you can explore and get acquainted with new technologies.

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Smart Learning Facilitator

We can qualify and certify you as a Smart Learning Facilitator with a license to use the framework and toolkit.

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User-centric to the max

Smart learning environments are personalized and focused on the workforce’s needs.

Innovative technologies

Smart learning environments incorporate the latest technologies such as the IoT, AR, and 3D holograms to create new work experiences.

Hybrid work environments

Smart learning environments transform conventional workplaces into hybrid learning worlds that seamlessly connect the digital and analog domains.

"We need intrinsically motivated employees who are passionate about shaping the digital transformation. Smart learning and new work experiences actively engage the workforce, break down barriers, and create room for innovation and participation."
Dr. Sirkka Freigang Head of Smart Learning & New Work Experience at Bosch.IO

Underpinned by the sound science of the Smart Learning Framework

Our recommendations are rooted in sound scientific methods. The Smart Learning Framework provides the necessary strategic analysis, planning, and development tools. This framework consolidates 30 success factors in five spheres of influence. They interact to collectively form an ideal smart learning environment. Each success factor’s current characteristics may be analyzed with a digital maturity assessment of each dimension – the corporate culture, user centricity, didactic diversity, hybrid learning space, and hybrid learning assistance. This provides the underpinning for structuring the complexity of the working world, extrapolating an effective strategy, and then building on this to develop smart working worlds in an agile way.