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Hitching up to the IoT and harnessing its power for farming

The IoT can help stakeholders make the most of farm machines and develop sophisticated fleet management and remote diagnosis use cases.

What can IoT data do for agriculture?

Few farms are immune to the effects of climate change and population growth. Drought and heat not only influence harvests’ quality and yield; they can even curtail the growing season. Farmers need more efficient machines and tools to rise to those challenges. The IoT can help with that. Tractors and farm machinery generate vast amounts of data that can serve to create smart, IoT-enabled use cases. Added cameras, machine vision systems, GPS, and remote monitoring setups can collect data from machines. Combined and enriched with other information such as weather data, this information helps boost efficiency in agriculture.

Not every machine is ready for the IoT, but retrofits can gear it up for efficiency-enhancing use cases. These add-ons can serve to integrate thousands of older systems into state-of-the-art farm management systems to bring the everyday benefits of automation to growers.

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Why data and agriculture go so well together

Fleet management

Fleet management can be so much easier for large farms, cooperatives, contractors and other growers that share equipment. All they have to do is connect the machines they own or rent. Then they can track how equipment is deployed and analyze machine data. Rental companies can install meters to record operating hours and charge users accordingly.

Monitoring vehicle fleets

Our hardware, software, and services are here to help make automated documentation and accounting, remote diagnosis, and predictive maintenance work for you. They enable you to monitor vehicle fleets remotely to better manage your logistics. Send new job orders to designated harvesters. Plan refueling runs with exacting precision. Automatically brief relief drivers to ensure they set up and use machines properly. Do all this and more with our solutions.

Software updates

Over-the-air updates (FOTA/SOTA) spare your machinery trips to the shop and lighten your crews’ workload. In addition, you can provide your customers with new and enhanced functionality. Thanks to over-the-air updates, software rollouts can be scheduled, ensuring that the update process does not interfere with operations whilst at the same time boosting efficiency.

IoT use cases for agricultural engineering

Device management

Managing various classes of gateways and devices – the foundation of any IoT solution.

Edge computing

Complementing the cloud in IoT by enabling quick, secure, and local data processing.

IoT data management

How companies can leverage insights from IoT data to develop better products.

Software updates over the air

Addressing security issues and adding new functionalities to devices.

Why team up with Bosch.IO?

10+ years’ experience in the IoT

We pair IoT technology with project expertise and support our customers through each phase of every project – from defining the business model and creating the proof of concept to installing, operating, and supporting the solution.

Software, devices, projects

We put sustainable IoT solutions into practice: Our team enables cross-industry use cases based on the Bosch IoT Suite, and helps customers to tap their full business potential.

An ecosystem of strong partners

We successfully participate in an active ecosystem and bring all stakeholders on board. To create a truly connected world, we tear down silos, allowing a secure data exchange.

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How companies capitalize on vehicular data with the IoT

HOLMER: How to make the most of agricultural IoT data

The manufacturer of agricultural machinery leverages the Bosch IoT Suite for data management.

Ponsse: How to improve end-customer service based on data insights

Bosch Rexroth’s BODAS Connect is built on the Bosch IoT Suite and connects vehicles and their subsystems.

Reform: Servicing vehicles in the field faster and more efficiently

Reform Werke uses the diagnosis & firmware-over-the-air functionality of Bosch Rexroth’s BODAS Connect.
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