Make agriculture more efficient with connected machinery

How the IoT can enable more-effective use of agricultural machinery and takes us towards sustainable farming.

Making optimal use of agricultural machinery

Few farms are insulated against the challenges posed by climate change and population growth. Hot summers and drought, for example, not only impact harvest quality and yields; they can even shorten the growing season. To overcome these obstacles, farmers need to be able to use vehicles and machinery as efficiently as possible.

With the help of the IoT, manufacturers of agricultural machinery are able to offer their customers a host of new services. These range from intelligent fleet management and the use of data from the field to over-the-air updates of software and firmware (SOTA/FOTA). They mark a major stride towards greater efficiency in farming, enabling farmers to make more effective use of the machinery, reduce the need for manual labor, and ensure that the equipment is ready to roll as and when required.

Although not all agricultural machinery is automatically IoT-capable, it can always be retrofitted for use in specific applications.

SOTA for industrial assets

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The benefits of the IoT for managing agricultural machinery

Fleet management

When manufacturers connect their agricultural machinery, they facilitate fleet management for large farms, cooperatives, agricultural contractors and farmers. Customers gain insight into the use of machinery, analyze machine data and make the best possible use of their fleet.

IoT data management

Agricultural machinery is becoming increasingly complex in order to keep pace with the new requirements of the industry. As a result, manufacturers today use IoT data from the field to gain a deeper insight into the condition of the machines, to optimize the maintenance of agricultural machinery and ultimately to continuously improve their products.

Software updates

Manufacturers of agricultural machinery can equip customers at any time with new and enhanced functionality by means of over-the-air updates of firmware and software (FOTA/SOTA). This handy process eliminates the need for a workshop visit and frees up employees for other tasks. What’s more, software rollouts can be so scheduled that they do not interfere with ongoing operations and thereby impact efficiency.

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