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The IoT in crop production

Growing profits and crops, minimizing risks and maximizing output.

Penetrating insights for the best yield and quality

As a launch platform for farmers seeking to boost productivity and efficiency, the IoT can also help food companies step up production in a sustainable way. Agriculture is all about managing environmental conditions. And maximizing yields and quality is all about making informed decisions and capitalizing on value networks.

The need for greater efficiency presents challenges that farmers can better tackle with reliable answers to real-world questions about:

  • Irrigation
  • Disease prediction
  • Plant protection
  • Fertilization

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The ticket to sustainable, resource-sparing crop production

Agriculture affects everyone’s lives. Yet the average amount of arable land available per capita is shrinking as the world’s population grows. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization predicts that farmers’ yields will have to increase around 50 percent by 2050 to feed the world. Growers need innovative solutions to protect crops and more advanced agricultural technology to boost efficiency to that level. Bosch.IO is developing IoT solutions for all stakeholders in the agricultural value network with that lofty goal in mind.


Soil management and crop production experts provide consulting services and solutions to take smart seeding, sustainable plant protection, and weed control to the next level. Prescription maps, computed in real time, feature prominently in these services.


Farmers can mitigate risks with data sourced via the IoT. This insight helps tame complexity, simplify decision-making, and tackle challenges amid changing regulations and volatile markets.

Producers & Resellers

Our tailored technology enables food companies and resellers to optimize their partners’ crop production practices, and predict diseases and yields.

IoT solutions and use cases for crop production

Deepfield Connect Field Monitoring

Our solutions for saving time and money in crop production.

Greenhouse Guardian

Using artificial intelligence, our solution helps optimize plant cultivation in greenhouses.

Smart irrigation

How smart irrigation enables farmers to match the water supply to perennial crops’ demand.

Why team up with Bosch.IO?

10+ years’ experience in the IoT

We pair IoT technology with project expertise and support our customers through each phase of every project – from defining the business model and creating the proof of concept to installing, operating, and supporting the solution.

Software, devices, projects

We put sustainable IoT solutions into practice: Our team enables cross-industry use cases based on the Bosch IoT Suite, and helps customers to tap their full business potential.

An ecosystem of strong partners

We successfully participate in an active ecosystem and bring all stakeholders on board. To create a truly connected world, we tear down silos, allowing a secure data exchange.

Contact the Bosch.IO Agriculture team

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We know all about digital farming

Weather, nutrients, exposure to diseases – agriculture is all about managing these and many other environmental factors. Farmers have been left to their own devices in the past, their decisions mainly guided by experience and intuition.

Today, sensors deployed out in the field can provide a different, more objective perspective on the situation. Data sourced via the IoT can be a very valuable asset, particularly when smart software enriches it with insights and forecasts gleaned from other sources. Then farmers can base their decisions on straightforward recommendations.

Endowed with artificial intelligence and supported by machine learning, this software consolidates data from various sources. Growers share their feedback to validate lessons learned, improve the underlying algorithms, and produce even better forecasts and recommendations.

Connected Agriculture Services provide a common cloud backend for IoT-enabled solutions. These are our building blocks for services that help farmers make informed decisions based on how their plants are doing out there in the real world. A key element of this solution is a multilayered data model that archives data from multiple sources – sensors out in the field, weather forecasts, geo-referenced satellite images, and soil data maps.

This database can serve to create a digital twin of the field that enables farmers to gain deeper insights into how their plants are faring and take appropriate actions.

Layers graphics crop production
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