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Why the IoT matters to dairy and food processing

IoT-enabled services boost efficiency and transparency in the dairy and food processing industry.

Going digital in the dairy business

Consistent quality is a top priority in the food industry. Every farmer and dairy manager wants to achieve that goal in the most efficient and productive way. Many farmers are embracing modern technology, but some of their day-to-day processes have hardly changed in generations. Quite a few tasks they still do by hand, which opens the door to human error.

Dairies and food companies stand to benefit greatly from the IoT. It serves to collect the data they need to gain key insights and boost productivity. It can help satisfy rising demand for:

  • Consistent quality and transparency
  • Sustainability
  • Compliance with rules and regulations

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Bringing the benefits of the IoT to all stakeholders

The IoT can help everyone in the food processing chain tackle the challenges and meet the needs of this industry.


Farmers work hard. Data-driven services can lighten the workload and help put resources to more efficient use.

Food companies and resellers

Food companies and resellers have to satisfy growing demand for traceability throughout the food chain.


Consumers want high-quality products at affordable prices as legislators continue to tighten up standards.

IoT solutions for dairy and food processing

Why team up with Bosch.IO?

10+ years’ experience in the IoT

We pair IoT technology with project expertise and support our customers through each phase of every project – from defining the business model and creating the proof of concept to installing, operating, and supporting the solution.

Software, devices, projects

We put sustainable IoT solutions into practice: Our team enables cross-industry use cases based on the Bosch IoT Suite, and helps customers to tap their full business potential.

An ecosystem of strong partners

We successfully participate in an active ecosystem and bring all stakeholders on board. To create a truly connected world, we tear down silos, allowing a secure data exchange.

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"Now I can intervene quickly in the event of malfunctions before critical storage conditions occur. The tank guard allows me to monitor my tank on my smartphone. The system is also very easy to install yourself."
Ralf Langmaack Dairy farmer from Schleswig-Holstein

A penetrating look inside the milk tank

Agitators break down. This cooling system is slow to switch on; that one fails altogether. Malfunctions that adversely affect milk quality come in many guises. In the worst case, the quality defect is discovered so late in the game that an entire shipment goes to waste. Just ask a cheesemaker what clostridia bacteria can do to their products. The reputation of dairies that produce premium products suffers; the financial blow for major producers is severe.

The fragmented supply chain makes it hard to share information on milk quality. This disconnect extends across farmers, truck drivers, and dairies’ sampling and reporting systems. Time matters; delayed messages jeopardize milk quality. Information gets lost in the shuffle for lack of a central data repository. People with a need to know get the news too late.

The IoT provides the means to constantly monitor the conditions inside a milk tank. And our powerful solutions enable dairies and food companies to keep tabs on milk quality. More insight and better information adds up to greater efficiency and transparency.

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