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Energy management for complex systems

The key to climate-friendly manufacturing and a stable grid.

Up with energy efficiency, down with CO2 emissions

Factory production lines, office buildings, local grids – they all need a dependable energy management solution, optimized to suit their purposes.

The march toward a greener energy mix is well underway, but renewables are volatile. Operators of complex systems have to balance the scales, tapping other sources to offset lulls in wind and solar availability and finding uses for excess power produced on windy days. These operators require tools to plan, forecast, and coordinate power consumption and production.

They are also keen to seize the opportunities offered by sector coupling and generate new solutions based on current trends such as the increasing adoption of electric vehicles.

Distribution network operators, in turn, have to adapt to a world where power no longer flows from one central source. And they have to cope with mounting instability as more and more decentralized plants join the grid.

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"We see climate action as our responsibility, and believe we have to act now."
Dr. Volkmar Denner Chairman of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH, commenting on the Group’s carbon-neutral position in 2020

How companies benefit from energy management

Make the most of flexibilities

Compensate for volatilities with manageable flexibilities.


Smooth out peak loads caused by electric vehicle charging.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Manufacture in a predictive and sustainable way.

IoT use cases for energy management

The Bosch.IO Energy team helps manufacturers optimize the power supply for their production lines. These solutions serve to control decentralized plants and support operators’ efforts to transition to a smart distribution grid.

Reducing CO₂ emissions in production

Monitoring energy flows and managing energy sources to reduce CO₂ emission.

Grid optimization management

Better, more flexible grid planning and early error detection is within easy reach.

Why team up with Bosch.IO?

10+ years’ experience in the IoT

The Bosch.IO Energy team combines the best-possible skill set to bring to life the three main IoT success factors: sustainable business models, seamless integration, and connected ecosystems.

Software, devices, projects

Bosch.IO brings together all the software, device, and project expertise needed to implement sustainable IoT solutions. Our use case driven approach helps energy suppliers and operators of complex systems, increase operational efficiency and gain new business opportunities.

An ecosystem of strong partners

We break down silos and co-create a connected ecosystem with energy suppliers, operators and service providers to build a truly connected world that leads to mutual advantages for all market players.