Connected industrial goods for IoT business success

The IoT can serve to tap new business potential in device connectivity and beyond.

Bringing the IoT’s benefits to branches of industry

Device connectivity is one of the first ingredients in the recipe for IoT projects’ success. It enables mechanical and plant engineers to collect and assess data from equipment sometimes deployed worldwide. This information underpins holistic IoT solutions and innovative business models.

For example, shipping companies that connect their on-board devices and systems can get much more transparency and a clearer picture of what transpires on their vessels. Know your ship – the crew and inspectors can take that sailor’s credo to heart and keep on top of the ship’s status.

It also provides a uniform means of managing complex equipment, enabling mechanical engineers to track where and how their engines are used and which software version is installed. They can carry out remote updates (FOTA/SOTA) to boost engine performance and make other improvements.

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Transparent use of equipment

Companies that connect their devices have a full range of information at their disposal. They know how and where the equipment is used, and can even access it remotely.

Boosting business potential

Companies find it much easier to make informed decisions and spot new business opportunities if they collect data at a central hub.

Ready for the future

The IoT can help companies secure tomorrow’s business. For example, they may update a product to add new functions that extend its service life.

Tapping the IoT’s full potential

Companies that connect their industrial goods gain a firmer grasp of the ways in which customers use a product. This information helps them design new digital services and business models that deliver real value to customers.

Many options beyond merely collecting and assessing device data are on the menu. One is to create virtual copies of devices and machines. Called digital twins, these digital representations serve electronic equipment manufacturers, automakers, shipbuilders, and the like well. A digital twin enables developers to continue working on the design even without a connection to the actual device. It is also a tremendous asset when servicing devices. Engineers can run simulations with a digital twin to better predict when individual components will need repair or replacing.

Bosch IoT Suite: Our platform for industrial projects

Bosch IoT Suite, the Bosch platform for cross-domain IoT solutions, provides the technical underpinning for our projects. Our customers’ solutions are implemented in different public cloud, private cloud and on-premise environments.

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Cross-industry IoT use cases

Device management

Managing various classes of gateways and devices – the foundation of any IoT solution.

Edge computing

Complementing the cloud in IoT by enabling quick, secure, and local data processing.

IoT data management

How companies can leverage insights from IoT data to develop better products.

Software updates over the air for industrial assets

How industrial companies keep their devices up to date and efficiently add new functionalities.

Why team up with Bosch.IO?

10+ years’ experience in the IoT

We pair IoT technology with project expertise and support our customers through each phase of every project – from defining the business model and creating the proof of concept to installing, operating, and supporting the solution.

Software, devices, projects

We put sustainable IoT solutions into practice: Our team enables cross-industry use cases based on the Bosch IoT Suite, and helps customers to tap their full business potential.

An ecosystem of strong partners

We successfully participate in an active ecosystem and bring all stakeholders on board. To create a truly connected world, we tear down silos, allowing a secure data exchange.

Make agriculture more efficient with connected machinery

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Our customers’ IoT projects

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