The connected office building

IoT applications are the way to go for more satisfied and productive building users and lower operating costs.

Smart commercial buildings with IoT connectivity

Building owners and facility/ property managers face the same challenges: they have to make the most of available space, satisfy building users’ demands for utmost comfort and convenience, and find ever more efficient ways of operating their buildings.

The more diverse the possibilities of connecting buildings with IoT-enabled sensors and technology, the more complex the task of identifying the most profitable projects and use cases for owners and managers. A prudent approach is to do this step by step rather than rush in to connect an entire building. But the big picture certainly matters, so it is well worth taking a holistic view of the building before the project commences. Device data can often serve several applications, so the policy from day one should be to avoid silo solutions.

Digitalization strategy and IoT use cases for buildings

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What drives the shift toward connected office buildings?

Enhanced efficiency

IoT-enabled solutions can harmonize building use and equipment utilization, for example, by orchestrating heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. Integrated energy management boosts efficiency and saves money otherwise spent on energy and electricity.


Better utilization of space

Building space is an increasingly scarce and therefore expensive commodity, especially in conurbations. If managers can get a good picture of office and meeting room occupancy, they can adapt their utilization plan accordingly, often without having to rent additional space.


Greater user comfort, convenience, and satisfaction

Users expect more from a building these days. Their demands can be met with smart solutions, for example, automated systems to monitor and regulate air quality and IT-assisted booking options for parking spaces or desks.

Holistic IoT solutions in buildings

Looking at the cost drivers for office buildings, a general distribution of cost blocks in the ratio of 1% for utilities, 9% for rent, and 90% for payroll has largely prevailed. It goes back to a study by JLL.

Aiming to address the entire optimization potential of buildings, we take a holistic approach that includes cutting costs and boosting comfort, convenience, satisfaction, and productivity.

From where we stand, the first and most important step in assessing the merits of IoT projects is to consider their economic feasibility. This is why ROI forecasting is a key component of our offer.

Workplace distancing and contact tracing

Ensure a safe workplace during the pandemic.

Space monitoring

Make the most of rooms and workstations.

Ambient monitoring

A contribution to higher productivity and energy efficiency.

Incident management

A more reliable, efficient and cost-effective way of resolving issues.

Indoor navigation

The fastest way to get from points A to Z in buildings.

Usage-based cleaning

Boosting efficiency of building cleaning practices with the IoT.

Parking lot monitoring

More convenient parking and more efficient capacity management.

Why team up with Bosch.IO?

10+ years’ experience in the IoT

Bosch is the go-to partner for many building technology applications. We have been developing and operating solutions for connected office buildings for years.

Software, devices, projects

Our IoT platform, the Bosch IoT Suite, underpins these solutions. We also provide Connected Building Services based on SaaS (Software as a Service) components developed specifically for building applications. All these assets enable us to quickly put diverse use cases into practice.

An ecosystem of strong partners

We can integrate various partners’ applications to create perfectly tailored solutions. Our goal is to deliver the greatest possible benefits for building managers and users.

How we make the connected office building a reality

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Boosting comfort levels for building users and making better use of available space.

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How sensor data makes working life a little easier and helps optimize rooms’ layouts.

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Our approach towards smarter air-conditioning in public spaces.