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Bosch IoT Suite voted "best in class"

Read the PAC | teknowlogy group Radar on IoT platforms based on open source.
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"Best in class" in IoT platforms based on open source

Within the PAC Radar research report on IoT platforms based on open source, Bosch IoT Suite voted "best in class" Icon lens

The research company PAC | teknowlogy group Radar observes that IoT platforms based on open source are receiving more attention in the market and that also business users tend to consider them as a potential option in the IoT space. Based on this, PAC | teknowlogy Group for the first time has evaluated IoT platforms based on open source.

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One reason the research company sees for the growing importance is that IoT platforms based on open source provide a continuous stream of improvement. The faster this stream is, the better for the users. This includes for instance bug fixing on existing code, but also the development of totally new components to enhance the current functionality.

Bosch IoT Suite: Clear market leader in IoT platforms based on open source

The Bosch IoT Suite was rated as the best IoT platform among open source IoT platforms. Icon lens

From the report

The analysts consider the Bosch IoT Suite the clear market leader when it comes to open source based IoT platforms. They first put emphasis on Bosch Software Innovations’ contribution to the Eclipse IoT working group. Overall, developers from Bosch Software Innovations contributed around 50% of the code (around 1.5 million lines of code from the total of around 3 million) to Eclipse IoT. The Bosch IoT Suite, the Bosch Group's core platform for IoT solutions, is based on open source.

They also insist on Bosch Software Innovations’ large service offering around open source: consulting, UX development, hosting, training, support.

Among the criteria that ranked above average for Bosch Software Innovations, the report names:

  • Strategic focus on this topic
  • Strategic activities in the last 12 months
  • Unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Open source components of the IoT platform, the Bosch IoT Suite
  • Complementary service capabilities
  • Portfolio quality based on client references
  • Business model and pricing
  • Sales approach and capabilities
  • Marketing approach, partner strategy and training
  • Market perception in Europe
  • Ability to grow
  • Ecosystem of partners
  • Client-base and relationship in Europe

Quote from the analysts

“Bosch Software Innovations is shifting its IoT positioning more and more towards open source, which is a good differentiator in the current market. The Bosch IoT Suite is not only built on open source components, Bosch Software Innovations is also growing its consulting and system integration capabilities around open source-based IoT solutions in order to offer the whole stack of consulting, system integration, and managed services.”

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