IoT data management white paper
IoT white paper from Bosch Software Innovations

12 tips for successful IoT data management

Our insights from IoT data management projects in the automotive industry
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Our white paper provides you with practical knowledge that you can immediately put into practice for your next IoT data management project.

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General tips

Digital transformation is here, and it’s here to stay. More and more companies and sectors of industry are now seeing established ways of doing business being replaced by new business models that are entirely data-driven. For many of these organizations, knowing how to handle IoT data will be a decisive factor in securing a position on the market – and a competitive advantage. Yet many companies lack the requisite experience to carry out projects that manage this data. To help you get started on your own successful IoT data management projects, we have brought together our most valuable experience from projects in this field.

Developed by Bosch Software Innovations, Bosch IoT Insights is a fully managed SaaS solution that gathers large volumes of IoT data from remote devices and stores them for further processing. Bosch is currently using this solution in over 25 data management projects with the automotive industry. We have collated the most important insights from these projects and condensed them into 12 tips for successful IoT data management. Thanks to the continuous development of our expertise, and our rigorous focus on what the customer wants, we know what it takes to implement your IoT data management project successfully.

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