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Anomaly detection with event data in the IoT

Today, devices generate more data than social networks.

Bosch IoT Analytics - Anomaly Detection: ready to use cloud service of the Bosch IoT Suite for IoT data analytics.

However, it is clear that the device data itself is not actionable. To get actionable insights, the collected data must be analyzed.

One type of task that can be effectively tackled with data analysis is anomaly detection. Its goal is to find unusual behavior that differs significantly from what has been observed before or from what is expected.

Additional Bosch IoT Analytics services

For more than 5 years, Bosch.IO supports IoT projects with analytics consulting, innovative algorithms, and the implementation of data analytics features to be included into IoT solutions.

In addition, our data analytics experts provide ready to use cloud services for IoT analytics, e.g. for anomaly detection and usage profiling. Another cloud service is Bosch IoT Analytics - Track & Analyze, which we developed together with Software AG in a technology partnership. This service enables IoT solution providers to use what are known as geospatial analytics functions to detect typical motion patterns of their connected devices and use this information to optimize their products and services.

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