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In the design and development phase, products are implemented based on assumptions about market requirements and customer use. The extent to which these actually apply often only becomes apparent in practical use. As a result, companies risk wrongly dimensioned devices, spare part deliveries, repairs, recalls, warranty claims and even damage to their image.

By processing and analyzing IoT data during product development and in actual use, it is possible to identify and eliminate potential for further development, weak points and quality problems at an early stage.

With Bosch IoT Insights, the Bosch IoT Suite provides a cloud service that collects, processes and stores extensive device data. This enables domain experts to analyze real device data from usage, further develop products and thus generate new value-added opportunities.

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IoT data management with Bosch IoT Insights

> More than 25 customer projects in over 10 countries worldwide
> Data from 4 million devices
Figures: October 2018

Bosch IoT Insights customer successes

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Find out how companies use data management with Bosch IoT Insights to improve their devices and components and provide their own customers with data-driven services.

Agriculture | HOLMER Maschinenbau GmbH
HOLMER, a leading manufacturer of sugar-beet harvesters and slurry vehicles, is using Bosch IoT Insights to analyze data from its machinery. Based on Bosch IoT Insights, HOLMER has now developed 'EasyHelp 4.0', a remote diagnosis- and maintenance service for its customers.
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City | Move_UK
The autonomous driving project Move_UK is using Bosch IoT Insights to provide intelligent management of vehicle data. To accelerate the development of automated driving, this government-funded project is using connected validation and big data analytics.
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Forestry | Ponsse Plc
Bosch Rexroth’s Connected Off-Highway Solution is built on the Bosch IoT Suite. It connects vehicles and their subsystems via a cloud, while still allowing customizing its functionality through multiple apps and open development options based on IoT data. Ponsse, a manufacturer of forest machines, uses the solution to optimize machine settings and components and improve end user services.
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Automotive industry | Bosch Chassis Systems Control
Bosch IoT Insights provides the basis for the new connected braking system from Bosch. Rapid and reliable data analytics in the Bosch IoT Cloud and almost real-time evaluation of data are improving the accuracy of failure prediction and facilitating appropriate software updates.
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Example project: Bosch IoT Insights

 Bosch IoT Data Mangement Insights
View of Move_UK management dashboard
 Bosch IoT Insights data mangement
Visualization of measurement points on a displayed route
 Bosch IoT Insights Move UK IoT data management
Detailed view of a measurement point

Benefits of collaborating with Bosch.IO

Flexibility of availability
Bosch IoT Insights is available via the Bosch IoT Cloud; it can alternatively be provided via other cloud solutions such as AWS or Azure.

The complete Bosch 3S package
Bosch provides you with the complete package – sensors, software, and services – all tailored to your requirements.

Maximum security
Drawing on the Bosch infrastructure, our ethical standards, and our IoT principles, we guarantee the best possible security in implementing your solution. All our solutions comply with EU data-protection regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers provided in the FAQs aim to help and provide orientation. They are not necessarily complete or up to date.

How does the data get into Bosch IoT Insights?

We offer REST APIs with a graphically supported interface that can be replaced with a customer's own. In addition, we provide a range of tools for local execution and corresponding code examples in all common programming languages. Bosch IoT Insights supports different channels: direct connectivity, offline data packets, or encrypted channels.

How much does Bosch IoT Insights cost?

We offer three different SaaS packages. The price depends on the number of devices and the amount of data to be processed. Our prices are calculated transparently. With a monthly subscription (min. of six months), there is no long-term obligation. To allow customers to test the service and gain practical experience, Bosch IoT Insights is also available free of charge as a free plan with 10 devices and 10 MB of data If required, a chargeable package can be booked at any time. Sample prices can be found in the documentation.

How much data can I store in Bosch IoT Insights?

The amount of data that can be stored in Bosch IoT Insights depends on its subdivision. The storage limit for a pool of uncompressed data is 10 TB. If the data can be divided into different pools, (e.g. data from device A and device B), the data volume can be increased accordingly.

Is the solution available outside the Bosch network?

So far, all our projects have run via the Bosch IoT Cloud (including projects in China, Japan, and the U.S.). If required, Bosch IoT Insights can also be made available on external infrastructure.

How good is the performance of Bosch IoT Insights?

A general statement cannot be made as performance depends on several variables. When it comes to uploading data, the following rule of thumb can be applied: the larger the file, the less data per second can be loaded into Bosch IoT Insights.

For example: for 100-KB files 3,000 to 5,000 files can be sent per second. For 100-byte files, it is 10,000 files per second. The data query’s performance also depends on several factors, such as file size and parameters, or the complexity of the query.

What Service Level Agreements (SLA) does Bosch IoT Insights offer?

We offer 99.5 percent availability for our service.

What technologies does Bosch IoT Insights use?

MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), Jenkins, Java, Angular 6, Redis, Oracle, Docker, Bosch IoT Things, SonarQube and REST APIs. All of the components used can can be viewed at

Which hardware is supported?

There are no limits. However, we have experience with various connectors, devices, and machines that have already been used as a basis for Bosch IoT Insights and thus do not need to be reconnected. We would be pleased to provide information on request.

Are there open source projects?

There are no open source projects at the present time. As soon as components or Bosch IoT Insights Open Source are available, we will gladly inform you here

Are there interfaces to the other services of the Bosch IoT Suite?

Integration is enabled via Remote Manager and the Bosch IoT gateway software. This provides wide-ranging device connectivity (e.g., HTTP and MQTT) and diverse functionality (e.g., encryption, device configuration, and device management).

There is also an interface to Bosch IoT Things, which provides an overview of the current status of your devices and components as well as their relationships. Finally, you can also enrich your devices with additional information from your system.

In the future, Bosch IoT Insights will also serve as a basis for Bosch IoT Analytics and will feature an interface to the Bosch IoT Hub.