Remotely managing and controlling devices

Comprehensive device management functionality for the IoT and M2M

The Bosch IoT Suite provides IoT-specific cloud services for getting devices connected, managed, controlled, and updated easily.
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How to manage interoperability

The Internet of Things is all about connecting things and machines. The number of connected devices is expected to exceed 15 billion by 2020.

The major challenge in realizing the IoT is to handle the heterogeneity and diversity of constantly evolving things.
The IoT is all about connecting devices and machines.

In our experience, it is not the sheer number of connected devices that poses the major challenge to making the IoT a reality. Instead, it is the heterogeneity and diversity of constantly evolving things that must be reliably addressed. Our gateway and device management software therefore facilitates interaction among connected devices.

True to our open IoT strategy, we provide our users with an open platform for the IoT market, leveraging open source technologies and open standards such as Linux, Java, Eclipse IDE, OSGi, and Cloud Foundry. OSGi in particular is a global standard as well as the key to our gateway technology and remote technical management. It is also ideal for managing distributed devices, and is thus used by multi-device vendors for complex software requirements. Optimized for use in embedded and resource-constrained platforms and products, our gateway software supports all major IoT protocols, thus facilitating the integration of devices and sensors.

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Remote device management

The Bosch IoT Remote Manager is available as a fully-managed cloud service in different clouds. In addition, it can be deployed on-premise.

The Remote Manager enables you to manage, configure, monitor, and update your gateways, sensors, and devices remotely. Icon lens
The Bosch IoT Remote Manager provides the basis for end-to-end IoT / M2M solutions

The Remote Manager enables you to manage, configure, monitor, update, diagnose, and deploy your gateways, sensors, and devices remotely. It supports the most common device-management protocols out of the box.

  • Provides off-the-shelf remote device management (see the status and control the state of your device) for OSGi-, TR-069- / TR-157-, and OMA-DM-enabled devices
  • Support for different network protocols (e.g. REST/HTTP, MQTT) for management of custom device types
  • Open for implementation of additional management protocols, business logic extensions, and user interfaces
  • Provides remote access for apps and application servers to gateways and devices
  • Open and easy to integrate with an existing management system through an extensive set of APIs: Java, JCA, JMS, web services (SOAP, REST), JSON-RPC
  • Advanced gateway, device, and software management: mass-management operations (bulk device configuration and provisioning), software repository (inventory of device software and configuration settings), stand-alone and web-based administration interface, end-to-end security (user authentication and authorization, network communication, certificate management), advanced load balancing, scalability, and high availability (cluster support)
  • Enables the following use cases: platform, application & service lifecycle management (remote installation, updating, uninstallation, configuration – on the fly), firmware & file update, remote configuration & provisioning, remote monitoring & diagnostics (status checks, logging, monitoring, etc.), remote security administration
  • Proven solution used in many commercial product deployments in different domains around the globe