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The Bosch software platform for IoT solutions

Bosch IoT Suite is our open-source-based software platform for IoT solutions.

The basis for creating a broad range of solutions and services

The Bosch IoT Suite is the basis on which Bosch, its customers, and its partners build a broad range of IoT solutions, services, and projects. It incorporates the Bosch Group’s industry know-how and is available across all industries, such as agriculture, energy, homes & buildings, retail, mobility, and manufacturing. Today, it connects more than ten million sensors, devices, and machines with their users and enterprise systems.

All functionalities needed to build IoT applications

  • reliably connecting and managing devices, sensors, and gateways
  • providing secure access management
  • creating digital representations of physical devices
  • visualizing all data from diverse sources within one dashboard
  • executing firmware update and software rollout processes
  • managing and analyzing IoT data

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Why Bosch IoT Suite

Trusted and secure

An independent reader survey found the Bosch IoT Suite to be the “most secure IoT platform.”

Leading device management

For several years, our device management has been ranked as “leading”.

Cross-industry expertise

With Bosch’s industry knowledge factored into the equation, the Bosch IoT Suite serves to tailor solutions to fit every industry.

Open and flexible

Bosch IoT Suite is rated as "best in class" in open-source based IoT platforms.

Strong middleware capabilities

The Bosch IoT Suite is a rich connectivity solution for ecosystems populated with heterogeneous devices.

Advanced IoT edge functionality

Bosch IoT Suite provides advanced edge functionalities for any IoT device from small microcontrollers up to 5G edge nodes.

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