Bosch.IO Retail Service Dashboard

Boost the efficiency of processes in your store and offer even better customer service with IoT enabled digital services from Bosch and our partners.

Central access to IoT enabled digital solutions for the retail business

Many tasks in retail outlets are still performed manually. Some have staff intuiting what has to be done. You can achieve better results by harnessing data sourced from the equipment you have in place – lighting, freezers, point-of-sales systems – or from retrofitted sensors.

  • The Bosch.IO Retail Service Dashboard provides digital services to manage alarms, incidents and queues, to monitor refrigeration chains and parking spaces, and to handle other tasks.
  • This central dashboard enables retailers to access data from their devices and equipment regardless of manufacturer. This data can serve to optimize operating processes using digital services from various providers.
  • Bosch’s open, vendor-agnostic approach helps you tame the complexity of your system landscape.
  • Retailers can quickly test data-based services with a low investment up front, and roll out services that have proven their merits by helping to boost customer satisfaction, improve resource utilization, or cut costs.

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How do retailers benefit from the Bosch.IO Retail Service Dashboard?

Easy-to-use digital services

The Bosch.IO Retail Service Dashboard is your gateway – use it to find the digital service that best suits your store and the challenge at hand. The modular design makes it easy to integrate new devices, equipment, and vendors, and draw on digital services to put harmonized device data to good use.


Lower investment in IT

Using digital services delivered by the Bosch.IO Retail Service Dashboard is an exercise in convenience for retailers. Most can be readily embedded in your infrastructure without requiring a big IT project. Monthly fees for digital services are far more affordable than the steep upfront investments required for conventional IoT projects.


Far less complex than IT projects

Vendor-agnostic by design, the Bosch.IO Retail Service Dashboard enables services to access data sourced from devices and equipment made by different manufacturers. That way, you can tame the complexity of your applications. Manufacturer-specific silo solutions are a thing of the past.

"Retailers do not want to fuss with all the integration required for conventional IT projects. They want a solution to a specific problem, and that’s what the Bosch.IO platform is all about."
Jan Lingenbrinck Food Tech Campus hosted by EDEKA

Easy access to digital services with fast time-to-market


Discover services that fit

Find the right digital service to solve a specific problem in the Bosch.IO Retail service catalog. Our Bosch.IO Retail experts will be delighted to present these services in a live demo.


Prove the concept and measure success

Conduct a quick, easy proof-of-concept at the store of your choosing to test the feasibility of the results you wish to achieve. Assess those results with us and roll out the service – if it proves to have the desired effect on your business.


Put it to productive use

You can start rolling the service out once it meets your requirements. A monthly fee is all you have to pay to put it to productive use via the Bosch.IO Retail Service Dashboard.

"More than 15 partners are already part of our open, multivendor retail ecosystem. Bosch.IO serves as a neutral partner, bringing together all stakeholders in the retail market."
Daniel Bohn Business Owner Bosch.IO Retail

IoT use cases for the retail industry

The Bosch.IO Retail team helps retailers to achieve their goals. We draw on our experience in retail projects and our partners’ knowledge to build IoT use cases that benefit our customers.

Cold chain management

High efficiency and secure cooling systems

Reverse vending machine monitoring

A routine task with big potential

Parking lot monitoring

Improving the overall impression of a store

Queue management

The art of anticipating peak times

Tracking load carriers and merchandise

Real-time tracking: smart software cuts logistics costs

Occupancy management

Keep an eye on the number of shoppers

Architecture and functions of the Bosch.IO Retail Service Dashboard

The Bosch.IO Retail Service Dashboard is the retailer’s gateway to the world of digital services. Its standardized architecture enables device/ equipment manufacturers and service providers to afford access to device data for IoT-based services to use.

  • Single sign-on for all available digital services
  • Vendor-agnostic access to harmonized device data
  • User management, including roles and rights management
  • Digital duplicate of the retail store, including store management and integrated domain logic
  • Central handling of store employee notifications
  • Consolidated invoicing and payment processes
  • GDPR-compliant storage and processing of personal data
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