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Greenhouse Guardian

Our Greenhouse Guardian solution uses artificial intelligence to analyze sensor data and thereby optimize plant cultivation in greenhouses.

Achieving greater efficiency and reducing manual labor

Greenhouse Guardian – known in some markets under the name Plantect® – is a new AI-powered agricultural service that provides environmental monitoring of greenhouse crops and predicts the likelihood of plant disease. The solution uses a temperature/humidity sensor, a CO2 sensor, and a solar radiation sensor, all developed with our own technology. It not only visualizes the conditions in a greenhouse but also provides risk predictions for diseases such as leaf mold, gray mold, powdery mildew, black leaf mold, downy mildew, and cory nespora leaf spot. Greenhouse Guardian creates new value for farmers and is easy to use.

Greenhouse Guardian is currently available in Japan and South Korea. Please contact our team if you want to learn about availability in your country.

Benefits of Greenhouse Guardian

Increasing yields

By controlling environmental conditions, farmers are able to optimize cultivation and increase crop yields.

Real-time tracking

Different sensors collect data 24 hours a day, generating information that farmers can check via a smartphone, anytime and anywhere.

Reducing cost and manual labor

An AI algorithm enables highly accurate disease prediction. Farmers can thus reduce the amount of pesticides they use and lower their workload.

Greenhouse Guardian adds value to farmer’s daily work

The right information at the right time

As a farmer, you can check data collected from different sensors via a tablet, smartphone, or PC, anytime and anywhere. This provides an overview of various parameters, such as temperature and humidity, CO2, and solar radiation. There is also a dashboard showing past data, which enables you optimize the environment within a greenhouse.

AI technology to predict disease outbreaks with 92% accuracy

On the basis of measured data linked with the weather forecast, an algorithm from Bosch can determine the likelihood of a specific disease outbreak. Greenhouse Guardian detects the risk of disease infection for tomatoes, cucumbers, or strawberries with an accuracy of 92 percent.

IoT solution straight out of the box

No special technical skills are required to start using Greenhouse Guardian. The basic package comes with three sensors and a gateway device. Just take the sensors out of the box and install them in the greenhouse. The sensors will then automatically connect to the gateway.

Contact the Bosch.IO Agriculture team

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End-to-end solution based on the Bosch IoT Suite

Graphic explaining the Greenhouse Guardian by Bosch

Many factors inside the greenhouse can determine the likelihood of disease in plants. These include temperature, humidity, sunlight, CO2 levels, and leaf wetness. External factors such as the weather also make a difference. Greenhouse Guardian uses three types of sensors to collect this information.

While these are all useful features, they only represent part of the system’s overall capability. Creating a truly valuable IoT solution involves more than installing sensors to collect data. These devices are all part of a complex system and work together in order to generate useful insights.

Bosch.IO helped to build this system, based on various elements of the Bosch IoT Suite.

Bosch IoT Gateway Software

The Bosch IoT Gateway Software wirelessly connects low-energy, battery-powered sensors. The environmental data from these sensors is remotely captured in the Bosch IoT Cloud.

Bosch IoT Permissions

In principle, the cloud makes data accessible from anywhere, but Bosch IoT Permissions ensures it only gets to the right people. Moreover, it provides simple management and authorization of users and tenants according to subsets such as roles and group membership.

Bosch IoT Remote Manager

The use of Bosch IoT Remote Manager means that sensors and gateways can be monitored and updated without having to go through each greenhouse.

Easy to implement

A focus on user experience means easy implementation for small and medium-scale farmers.

  • Wireless: Greenhouse Guardian uses a long-range wireless communication protocol (LoRa), which keeps energy consumption low. Moreover, the solution is battery-powered, which means that initial installation requires no wiring, such as power sockets or communication cables. It can therefore be easily installed in any position within the greenhouse. Greenhouse Guardian uses readily available alkaline batteries, which can last for up to one year.
  • Reasonable operating cost: the Greenhouse Guardian fee plan is designed to make it easy for users to introduce the service. Separate usage charges for the basic monitoring function and the disease prediction function mean that farmers can select which service level they want to use.
  • Easy-to-use interface: the system is easy to understand and intuitive to use. Users have all the information they need at their fingertips. No knowledge of computer systems is required in order to check conditions in the greenhouse.
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