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Lift Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get when I sign up for the Lift Manager?

You will receive an end-to-end IoT solution, including

  • Hardware (sensors, laser range finders, gateways)
  • Intelligent cloud software to monitor and analyze vital lift parameters and display the results on a user-friendly graphical dashboard
  • Installation and BMS* integration

* Optional, not part of the standard package.

Which clouds does the Lift Manager support?

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Bosch IoT Cloud

Which lift models and brands are suitable for use with the Lift Manager?

Any. The solution is brand and model agnostic and enables easy retrofitting with sensors of any lift. No matter how old or new your lifts are, or if your lift fleet consists of different models and makes, the Lift Manager can connect them all into one system.

Can lifts in different buildings be connected?

Absolutely. Depending on your requirements, the system enables monitoring and benchmarking of lifts installed in multiple buildings – e.g., in a cluster of residential buildings or in a business park – through a single interface, thereby simplifying the work of building owners, facility managers, and lift maintenance staff. Even lifts in buildings located on different continents can be connected, if so required.

Can other hardware be used? 

We provide customized Bosch sensors specifically designed for this solution, as well as gateway hardware. We are also open to integrating extra third-party sensors, depending on the project requirements.

How do I access the dashboard?

The Lift Manager dashboard doesn’t require the use of a special application and is accessible via a web browser on your laptop or tablet.

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