Secure Product Fingerprint

Frequently Asked Questions

What technology does the Secure Product Fingerprint use?

The Secure Product Fingerprint solution is based on the cutting-edge technologies, such as:

  • Computer vision (image pre-processing, feature extraction, feature matching, etc.)
  • Artificial Intelligence (machine learning, e.g. SVM/MLP, for data classification and automatic thresholding.)

Which steps are taken with regard to personal data protection?

The Secure Product Fingerprint has three major function blocks: anti-counterfeiting, product tracking, and CRM. The anti-counterfeiting and product tracking functions don’t require user’s personal data. The only function that may require this is CRM. The current CRM functionality offered in China is compliant with the local regulations regarding personal data collection. If there is a concrete request for CRM functionality in another country, we will also ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

How is the data stored?

The Secure Product Fingerprint data is stored in the cloud. The data is encrypted and the access to it is strictly controlled.

What is the pricing model for the solution?

Depending on a concrete use case, the total cost is composed of the initial installation charge, label/ license costs, additional equipment cost (e.g. a camera for the Natural Fingerprint) and a yearly maintenance fee.

For the Artificial Fingerprint solution, there is a one-off installation charge based on the estimated yearly consumption of labels. The price of a label also depends on yearly consumption figures – the higher the estimated yearly consumption, the lower is the price of a single label.

For the Natural Fingerprint solution, the total cost includes an initial algorithm adjustment charge and the cost of the installation of a camera and a light source at the production line. In addition, there is a license fee for each product registered in the system. The higher the yearly volume of registered products, the lower is the license fee for each single product.

A yearly maintenance fee is charged for both Artificial and Natural Fingerprint solutions.

How long does it take to implement the solution?

For the Artificial Fingerprint, it takes about a month from the confirmation of your requirements to the solution implementation. For the Natural Fingerprint, it takes from four to six months (for the algorithm customization and installation of the equipment) from the confirmation of your requirements to the solution launch.

What after-sales support is provided?

We provide a range of after-sales services to maintain the quality and reliability of the solution. This ensures that the Secure Product Fingerprint works seamlessly and consistently. We offer services from the maintenance of the solution to the enhanced QR code label management.

Why should I choose it over other solutions available in the market?

The Secure Product Fingerprint has competitive advantages in the following areas:

  • Cutting-edge technology: computer vision and AI-based object fingerprint recognition algorithms.
  • Integrated solution: One solution to tackle anti-counterfeiting, track & trace and customer relationship management.
  • Flexibility: two components in one solution to suite different needs. Off-the-shelf Artificial Fingerprint and customized Natural Fingerprint.
  • Cost-effectiveness: compared to hologram and laser labels, the Secure Product Fingerprint has significantly lower label cost while providing unparalleled anti-counterfeiting protection.