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Smart buildings and the future of work in the post-COVID world

20 min

Crisis leads to innovation

Recorded on August 5, 2020


COVID-19 will have a significant impact on how and where we work in the future. In his presentation, Charles Reed Anderson, an international expert in smart cities and buildings, looks at some of the solutions businesses will implement to prepare their employees and buildings for the “next normal” world – and explains how they can help these businesses not only transform their facilities and operations, but  also their culture.

Who is it for?

Company CxO, Corporate real estate managers, facility managers, and facility management consultants.


  • Need to create a safe office environment
  • Shift to the cost cutting / efficiency mode
  • Increased regulation to drive innovation
  • Focus on the employee experience

Smart buildings and the future of work in the post-COVID world

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Meet the speaker

Charles Reed Anderson

Charles Reed Anderson, Founder at CRA & Associates

  • Founder, CRA Advisory Firm
  • Managing Partner, SparkLabs Connex
  • Advisory Board Member, GO SMART initiative

Charles Reed Anderson is one of Asia’s leading technology industry innovators and thought leaders. His in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies, combined with his understanding of the market demand, provides him with a unique ability to separate industry hype from reality.

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