White paper

The digital transformation of energy suppliers

30 min (17 pages)

Digitalization is taking hold in many industries. This also applies to the energy sector, where companies simply can no longer settle for being mere energy pipelines. To put their business on a sustainable footing, energy companies will have to tap the transformative potential of digitalization to establish new customer-centric solutions and business models on the market. But how do energy suppliers shape the digital transformation to ensure their long-term success?

Taking into account the changes afoot in the industry, this whitepaper outlines possible approaches for energy suppliers – from process digitalization to ecosystem business models that set the stage for cross-industry collaboration and interdisciplinary problem-solving.

What you will learn

  • How the energy sector is changing in the course of digitalization
  • How energy suppliers master their digital transformation: from the digitalization of existing processes to cross-industry business models
  • The extent to which ecosystems and platforms serve as a basis for cross-industry approaches
  • Why Bosch.IO is a strong partner for energy suppliers seeking to implement platform business models