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How to approach IoT-driven smart learning environments

A holistic framework to realize IoT-driven lifelong learning at work
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From modern workplaces to smart learning environments

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving innovative technologies, new services and even whole new business strategies. Companies wishing to create innovative, inventive solutions must therefore put in place a lifelong corporate learning strategy for their employees. The IoT provides the technical basis for personalized, user-centered learning in smart learning environments: IoT-based learning solutions, which are seamlessly integrated into the working environment.

In this white paper, Sirkka Freigang introduces her socio-technical framework for smart learning environments based on scientific research. She describes how you can systematically integrate the IoT into teaching and learning processes based on user-centered design principles.

“The best ideas are generated by motivated employees who are given the support they need to continuously learn at work. IoT-based SLEs take learning possibilities to a whole new level.”
Sirkka Freigang, Head of Smart Learning