The business consulting team helps you define the right business model for you and an IoT strategy that will succeed.
IoT Business Consulting

The right digital strategy & business model for your IoT success story

We support you in defining an IoT business model embedded in a holistic strategy

The IoT opens up many new business opportunities. But companies need a digital strategy in sync with their business model in order to succeed in the IoT.


Because we have worked on over 250 IoT projects, we know that the Internet of Things entails more than simply connecting sensors to the cloud. If you want your IoT idea to succeed, you will need a structured, holistic approach.

Holistic approach

We consider user-centered and business-oriented perspectives every time we create new ideas. Our team of experts from various domains will help you avoid errors very early on and improve your iterative process.


We leverage scientifically proven and field-tested frameworks to help develop an ideal digital strategy and the right IoT business model for you. Our expert community aids us in defining methods and continuously refining them.

IoT training: innovative business models

Talk with experts to learn methods for building platform-based and IoT business models that will succeed.

Trainings 2019

IoT Business Consulting at Bosch Software Innovations

Do you want to develop innovative business models and are interested in applying our methods? Then learn more about the IoT Business Model Builder and register for a training with our partners or at the Bosch IoT Academy. We rely on certified partners that deliver high quality trainings in different locations.

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We support you in defining your IoT strategy

 digital strategy consulting Icon lens

Most companies have recognized the growing importance of digital transformation and are keen to get started. However, many of them are unsure where to begin and how to define an overall strategy.

With our Digital Strategy Sprint, we make digital transformation tangible by providing a systematic approach. We help you to get inspiration, assess your own situation and define initial implementation measures within a short period of time.

Our Digital Strategy Sprint serves as a kickoff for your digital transformation journey. This is followed by continuous activity tracking and implementation of your defined measures.
To ensure that your measures are put into effect successfully, we help you to continuously assess your activities. Using our strategy framework – the 4E-Framework – we are able to identify your potential in the areas of environment, empowerment, expertise, and execution.
Building on this, we can quickly formulate a well-defined strategy that includes an action plan, market insights, trends, customer requirements, and emerging business model patterns.

Swap stories & expertise with our specialists The 4E-Framework

We guide you from the intitial idea and a business case all the way to your IoT business model

 We support you in developing a successful IoT business model, from planning through launch. Icon lens

We offer a series of workshops on IoT business models that will help you design a top-notch business model. These workshops are based on the IoT Business Model Builder: a set of highly effective methods that accompany you during the entire process, from ideation to the launch of your business model. By following our highly iterative process, you will increase transparency on value drivers, success factors, and key metrics. This, in turns, lays a solid foundation for decision makers.

Training sessions at our IoT Academy can grant you insights into our approach and provide you with practical tips on working with the IoT Business Model Builder.

IoT Business Model Builder IoT Academy


4E-Framework: A method to define your IoT strategy and suitable business models by Bosch Software Innovations Icon lens

If you want to digitalize businesses in different industries, you will need methods that facilitate your change processes. Our 4E-Framework categorizes enablers of digital transformation in four “e” clusters: environment, empowerment, expertise, execution. You will need capabilities in all four areas in order to position your company for the digital future. An assessment of your current and targeted capabilities will allow you to identify measures, define tasks, and oversee their execution.

Video: Enablers of digital transformation

IoT Business Model Builder

The Bosch Software Innovations IoT Business Model Builder Icon lens

In partnership with experts at the University of St. Gallen and the Industrial Internet Consortium, we developed a framework that helps you design an IoT business model: the IoT Business Model Builder. This set of very effective methods provides inspiration, guidance, and structure throughout – from ideation through the launch of IoT business opportunities.

Please read our whitepaper or visit one of our trainings to learn more about the IoT Business Model Builder.

IoT Training: Business Model Innovation IoT Business Model Builder

Our certified training partners

To support you to develop professional IoT Business Models, we provide methods that facilitate collaboration in the early concept phase. We rely on certified partners that deliver high quality trainings in different locations.

“IoT is not only about connecting things. Most importantly we need to connect partners that can jointly create great solutions.”
Veronika Brandt, Head of IoT Business Consulting