Our Open Source consulting team works on numerous external projects. You can benefit from our experience, too.
Open Source

Open source consulting – profit from jointly developed solutions

Why should you take advantage of our Open Source Services?

Combining the expertise of the individual and of the team is how open source solutions succeed. Work with us so our experience can work for you!

Years of expertise

We have years of experience from a variety of open source projects and the challenges they present for a large corporation. We have also initiated new projects ourselves, including several in the Eclipse IoT working group.

Practice-based consulting

We won’t feed you vague and theoretical statements. Our advice is grounded in practice and always geared to your current challenge.

Active partnership

As a strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation and member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, we are actively driving the further expansion of the IoT ecosystem. Take advantage of this community and become part of our network.

How we support you in your IoT projects with open source consulting

When optimizing the use of open source software in your own applications, as well as for the successful launch of your own software to the open source community, you have to take several considerations into account.

One of these is compliance. Another concerns the basics of how to be active in open source communities and win partners for projects.Thanks to our experience in the use of open source components in our products and solutions as well as in initiating new projects, for example in the Eclipse IoT working group, we can advise you in this area.

In doing so, we adapt our open source services to your specific needs.

Individualized consulting covers:

  • Open source governance, and compliance (rules, processes, tools, and infrastructure)
  • Strategy, business models, and processes
  • Support in defining, winning, and developing ecosystem partners
  • Evaluation and selection of technologies and ecosystems

Development services:
  • Initiation of open source projects
  • Continuous collaboration on open source projects
  • Fast troubleshooting for open source technologies

„Speed is essential! We are integrating and expanding today’s open source technologies to help you get a head start when creating your own I(o)T solutions of tomorrow.”
Steffen Evers, Head of Open Source Services