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With 10+ years of IoT experience and methodical knowledge we are the perfect partner to start your smart learning project.

Smart learning environments

Smart learning environments allow user-centered, IoT-based learning at work. Let’s jointly develop solutions that help your employees to further develop.

Innovative IoT solutions

Our IoT solutions are the perfect foundation for smart learning projects. Profit from our 10+ years of IoT experience.

Scientifically proven

We have developed a scientifically proven framework to systematically work on your smart learning project.

Smart learning environments for lifelong learning at work

Smart learning environments are IoT-based, context aware learning solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into your working and learning environment. Smart learning environments provide the right learning content at the right time to their users and foster lifelong learning at work. As IoT experts, we put smart learning environments into practice using our scientifically proven framework.

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Smart Learning Kitchen Club


Who’s this workshop for?
The Kitchen Club is a three day workshop for anyone wanting to gain a broad understanding of the smart learning concept and to use it strategically in their work. The workshop consists of two days Kitchen Club and one day Innovators Garden Barcamp .

What can you expect?
Over two intensive days, you will be immersed in the theoretical underpinnings of smart learning environments. You will get to know the necessary success factors and will develop your own visions on the scientific basis provided by the smart learning framework. You will use your newly acquired knowledge to develop a strategy for your own company. Experienced consultants will teach you how to analyze maturity levels, define quick wins and develop a personalized roadmap.
The Kitchen Club also offers an accompanying culinary program – an ideal opportunity to network with L&D professionals from different companies and to learn from each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

What’s the outcome?
Experts will instruct you in how to develop your own smart learning & development (L&D) strategy, enabling you to implement smart learning step by step and transform your company into a learning organization.
On the third training day, you can discuss and modify your strategy with a large number of other L&D professionals at the Innovators Garden Barcamp and also flesh out use cases.

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Introduction of Smart Learning Environments and Learning & Development Strategy

Smart Learning Environments

Who’s it for?
Are you interested in future learning and working environments? Then this two-day workshop is for you.

What can you expect?
Together we deep-dive into the theoretical basics for smart learning environments and take a look at strategies to implement concepts in your organization. We also familiarize you with the scientific aspects of the subject and help determine success factors for your own work environment.

What’s the outcome?
After two days, we will have laid the groundwork for you to start designing smart learning solutions. In the process we identify your quick wins and develop a strategy roadmap for your smart learning environment. We also jointly analyze the 30 smart learning success factors and how they interact. We round off the workshop by helping you develop an learning & development strategy for your work environment, which you can use to transform your company into a learning organization.

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Personal Learning Environment & Tools

Bosch Software Innovations workshop for developing smart learning environments

Who’s it for?
This two-day workshop is for anyone who wants to optimize their personal knowledge management.

What can you expect?
After a short introduction to smart learning, we investigate the practical basis for personal learning environments (PLE). We give you an overview of different digital and analog tools that continuously support the learning process and can be combined with your PLE. We also experiment with immersive learning apps such as augmented reality apps.

What’s the outcome?
Based on your needs assessment, we will help you develop a strategy to implement personalized knowledge management in your organization.

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IoT-based Learning Spaces

Bosch Software Innovations workshop for developing smart learning environments

Who’s it for?
This three-day workshop is for anyone who wants to learn more about the theoretical principles of the Internet of Things in the field of learning.

What can you expect?
In this workshop, we offer you practical tips on how to implement an IoT-based learning environment in your organization. We also familiarize you with the scientific aspects of the subject and help you develop your own smart learning solutions in an experimental setting. We round off the workshop by introducing you to the success factors for IoT-based learning and working environments and highlighting their architectural interaction.

What’s the outcome?
At the end of our workshop, you will have learnt the basics, which you can use to create an IoT-based working environment in your organization. We will have also identified relevant design principals and ideas for your smart learning project.

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Smart Learning Innovators Garden Barcamp

Barcamp Innovators Garden

The Innovators Garden is an open Barcamp linked to exploratory learning sessions. The goal is to explore specific smart-learning application scenarios in a co-creative approach with learning professionals and to transpose those scenarios to your own work context. As an ideas hothouse, the Bosch IoT Campus offers an ideal environment for large groups of learning futurists to develop and nurture diverse ideas.

What can you expect?
A guided tour of the Bosch IoT Campus in Berlin provides you with hands-on experience of the smart learning concept.
In self-organized sessions after the tour, the students can set about formulating their own questions about the future of learning and talk to L&D professionals from different companies. In this way, you gain insights into the design of smart learning environments, the application of virtual, augmented and mixed reality elements as well as further learning methods of the future, e.g. 3D holograms.
At the same time, you get to know the Bosch IoT Campus and gain inspiration for designing your own learning and working environments. Your challenge: move from 0 to 100 smart-learning ideas in just one day and to create an ideal breeding ground for your company’s own smart-learning scenarios.

Who is the Barcamp for?
The Innovators Garden is for everyone who wants to experience smart learning at first hand and gain inspiration for future modes of learning.

What’s the outcome?
You will elaborate a large number of specific smart-learning use cases that you can implement in your own companies.
At the end of the day, the community will create an interactive sketchnote to document the results, so that all the ideas are available for later use.

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Smart Learning Design Sprint

UX Design Sprint at Bosch Software Innovations IoT Campus Berlin

Who’s it for?
Do you want to start your own smart learning project and are you looking for expert guidance? Then this five-day workshop is perfect for you!

What can you expect?
Within a week you are going to experience innovative methods and tools that learning of the future tangible.

  • Day 1: understanding & analysis of smart learning environments
  • Day 2: identification of problems & targets
  • Day 3: brainstorming
  • Day 4: prototyping
  • Day 5: testing

What’s the outcome?
After the Design Sprint, you will have a profound smart learning concept, including identified challenges and your vision of smart learning. Last but not least, you will get a first prototype, based on systematic and scientifically proven work.

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Framework of smart learning environments

Bosch Software Innovations - Smart learning environments Icon lens

The scientifically proven smart learning environments framework is a structured method that helps you define your overall learning strategy. The framework consists of a total of five design patterns:

  • Corporate Culture
  • Human Centricity
  • Didactical Variety
  • Hybrid Learning Space
  • Learning Assistance

Each of these modules is characterized by six success factors. When developing smart learning environments, all 30 success factors must be analyzed for their relevance in the company and accordingly designed. Each design module therefore contains an integrated maturity level that supports the implementation of specific measures. An ideal smart learning environment is one where all relevant design patterns have achieved their highest maturity level.

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Smart Learning Facilitator

You are a smart learning enthusiast and want to drive the topic in your or other companies? Then it’s time to become a smart learning facilitator!

We developed a program to give you a deep understanding of smart learning environments and our methods. Furthermore, we help you to become an expert for smart learning tools and provide you with the equipment you need to work on smart learning projects.

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Publications on smart learning environments

“The best ideas are generated by motivated staff who are given the support they need to continuously learn at work. IoT-based smart learning environments take learning possibilities to a whole new level.”
Sirkka Freigang, Head of Smart Learning