We design customer-oriented technical communication for your IoT solutions.

Technical communication for user-friendly IoT solutions

Do you want to ensure that your customers can use your IoT solutions intuitively? We help you design your products to be user-friendly

Why we are the right partner for your technical communication?

Innovative products are based on the IoT. With our expertise, you can develop technical content in a way that provides your customers with optimum support.

Dynamic projects with tech comm teams

As the editorial team, we sit in on your sprints and systematically implement your requirements concerning documentation.

Top-notch professional quality

Thanks to our years of experience in compiling software manuals, we have developed the following core specialties: editorial concepts, terminology management and text quality, content automation, and content transformation.

Multimedia formats for tech comm

We develop content that is tailored for the user, ranging from texts for mobile devices to augmented reality instructions.

How do you and your customers benefit from technical communication?

Infographic Technical Communication Icon lens

IoT solutions can become very complex – but using them shouldn't be. To ensure that your applications are as user-friendly as possible, we compile consistent, easy-to-understand technical communication for you. Our approach is based on giving you support right from the start: in the strategy and planning phase, we work with your team to ensure we have a full understanding of the product, and define your target groups by user experience. This allows us to write the manuals and documentation that your potential customers need. Next, we deliver these documents in the go-to-market phase, during which we continue to automatically produce further content for you. In the final growth phase, we generate and review our output, such as additional formats, before we begin the process all over again for the next release.

"In technical communication, we take a user-centered approach. We provide the right information in the right way at the right time to make the user’s life easier and more productive."
Susanne Pfeiffer, Head of Technical Communication

Expert for Technical Communication