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The incubation program for founders in Berlin

Startup Harbour

Boost your startup with Bosch’s extensive funding program and build on your strengths with the knowledge of our experts!

What are the focus areas we are looking for?

For the upcoming incubation program, we especially look for ideas that are related to the following focus areas.

#1 New ways of mobility

We’re looking for services (solutions and technologies) that support the mobility of people in a corporate environment. How will we move? Which means of transportation will we use? What drives mobility? What are possible ways to incentivize environmentally-friendly mobility solutions?

#2 Connected Construction challenge

Does your idea make the daily work of people in the construction industry safer and easier?
Or do you have a great solution that helps optimizing processes and reduce costs? Then apply for this challenge!

#3 Democratize DIY & crafting

The Power Tools division of the Bosch Group is the world market leader for portable electric power tools and power tool accessories.
Within this focus area, we seek for ideas to help people do more DIY. If you have a great solution in mind how can we support DIYers to successfully realize their projects in all phases of their user journey, please apply to this challenge!

#4 Build the future of mobile robotics

At Bosch Engineering, we are working on the future of mobile robotics. Our young team is driven by a vision where autonomous robots from different manufacturers work together with humans and human-driven machines on shop floors or logistic centers. To make interoperability a reality, we want to hear from startups with exciting new approaches to navigation, path finding and collision avoidance in indoor settings. Let’s move together!

#5 Shaping the Factory of the Future

We are looking for great ideas and potential partners, who offer technologies and solutions that create a value add for the industrial domain.
You are at the frontline of the 4th industrial revolution? You want to take the challenge to do a sparring with a well-established leading provider of drive and control technologies?
Then this competition is yours!

#6 Enabling humans in Industry 4.0

We are Bosch Connected Industry, the Bosch IoT software house dedicated to Manufacturing. Our area of interest lies in deriving insights and actions from manufacturing data, e.g. by bringing artificial intelligence from the digital to the physical world, empowering humans to create the future of Manufacturing.
We can provide data on manufacturing and we are looking for promising startups willing to contribute with an innovative idea, a break-through technology or an approach for the IIoT. Join us for co-innovation and together we will satisfy our customers to the maximum.

#7 Optimizing energy consumption and generation

Optimizing your life has become popular: People optimize their daily routines, fitness levels or even their wardrobe. How to apply this trend to personal energy consumption and generation? How to optimize your global footprint and save CO²? We are looking for your solution idea that fosters an improved energy management. The achieved results of your idea are relevant for distribution system operators (DSO), districts, factories and individual energy contracts.

#8 Detect anomalies within energy data

The energy system is rapidly changing towards a decentralized, green system. Decentralized producers like photovoltaic (PV) or combined heat and power (CHP) plants and consumer equipment come closer together. This trend results in new services that are based on energy data. Currently, energy data is broadly available but mainly used for billing purposes. Measurement methods and units highly differ (e.g. from local substation that capture energy in kHz ranges to billing measurements for renewable assets that require consumption data every 15 minutes).
With all the available energy data at hand, the challenge is to derive valuable insights automatically and to detect anomalies in energy data, e.g. for the purpose to reduce downtime, cut disruptions or find new products and business.

#9 IoT solutions with social impact

Do you have an idea how IoT can help to create a positive impact on the society, the environment or both?
We encourage you to think big, making the world a better place.
We are passionate to support ideas that are “invented for life”.

Join the next batch of the Startup Harbour incubation program

Applications open in February 2020.