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The incubation program for founders in Berlin

Startup Harbour

Boost your startup with Bosch’s extensive funding program and build on your strengths with the knowledge of our experts!
Are you an innovative thinker with an IoT-based business idea?
Have you already developed a first prototype or a draft?
Are you a Berlin resident or interested in living in the city?
That’s great! Apply for funding now!

Why should you sign up?

Benefit from our long-standing experience in developing and implementing cutting-edge IoT services and solutions. Sign on and build on your strengths with us.


Get a six-month scholarship and receive a funding of €1,800 per person per month (for 2 to 4 persons).


Get exclusive access to the Bosch IoT Campus facilities in Berlin Tempelhof, which offers team workspaces, design thinking & creativity rooms, and IoT workrooms.

Get Coaching

We offer individual coaching sessions, and a wide range of trainings.

Bosch Expertise

Get access to our Bosch domain experts and their industry knowledge to boost your business concept, product and/or service.

Bosch Assets

Get access to our Bosch IoT Suite and hardware technology (e.g. sensors) to create your product and service (MVP).

Find Partners

Get in touch with the right people – we will connect you with our network of partners, customers, and investors.

What are the focus areas we are looking for?

For the upcoming incubation program, we especially look for ideas that are related to the following focus areas.

Who can sign up?

This local funding program supported by the ESF and Berlin government is open to all founders based and registered in Berlin. To be eligible, applicants must have an initial concept in the IoT or tech domain. Furthermore, your startup should not yet be commercially active to any significant extent. In other words, you should not be making any big money yet. If any of the team members has previously received EXIST or the Berlin Startup Stipend, those persons cannot participate in the program. Your startup can already be a legally established entity, but in this case your startup has to be registered in Berlin.

What can you expect when you apply?

The jury will review and evaluate all applications by end of 2019. If your idea is selected, you will be invited to our Selection Days at the Bosch IoT Campus in January 2020. If you’re successful and we select your team’s idea, the funding program will start in February 2020.

How does the incubation program look like?

Timeline Bosch Startup Harbour Icon lens

The third batch of the incubation program starts in February 2020 and runs for six months. Every month we’ll run an onsite bootcamp including training sessions that focus on all the important areas to build a sustainable venture. During the first month, for example, all teams go through a process to validate their business idea. At the same time, you work with your coaches and mentors to identify your individual training needs. Together, we will tailor a training and coaching plan to give you the support that you need. The plan is supplemented by regular Deep Dive Sessions and meetings with your mentors to make sure it is tailored to the needs of your startup.

Join the next batch of the Startup Harbour incubation program

Applications open in February 2020.