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Disease prediction

Using the power of AI to relieve farmers of a major problem.

Crop disease: a major challenge
for farmers

Crop disease poses a major challenge for farmers – and not just because it can lead to a drastic fall in yields.

With respect to plants in greenhouses, there are many factors that affect their health, including temperature, humidity, sunlight, carbon dioxide level and leaf wetness – not to mention external factors such as the weather.

To ensure the well-being of their crops, farmers have to continuously monitor all of these factors. What’s more, they also have to invest a lot of time and money in order to keep their plants healthy or even to treat them, should they fall ill.

Benefits at a glance

  • Avoiding yield loss thanks to disease prevention
  • Enabling a more targeted approach towards treating crops
  • Decrease in the use of pesticides, reducing costs and environmental impact
increase in yields
accuracy of predicting the risk of crop disease

Disease prediction: the power to act early 

The IoT combined with artificial intelligence relieves farmers of the burden that is crop disease. By processing and analyzing agricultural data in the cloud, farmers are able to predict plant diseases. They no longer have to manually monitor a multitude of factors and can now treat crops exactly when it’s necessary. Disease prediction thus yields various benefits:

Reduction in yield loss due to crop disease

Enabling a more targeted approach towards treating crops

Decrease in the use of pesticides, saving money in the process

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Our solution: Greenhouse Guardian

With the Greenhouse Guardian, we have developed a solution that factors in some 100 parameters in order to predict the risk of crop disease. Based on an algorithm developed by the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence, our solution analyzes the conditions inside the greenhouse and links them to the weather forecast in order to predict the likelihood of disease. Farmers then receive notification of an infection risk via a web app.

Analysis of past data shows that the system predicts the likelihood of disease with an accuracy of 92 percent. This means farmers can now treat crops exactly when needed. A grower in the Greenhouse Guardian trial told Bosch that yields increased by around 20 percent: “Right now, I’m expecting to have my biggest yield ever.”

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