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Ambient monitoring

Keeping tabs on interior environmental parameters can improve productivity and maintain building infrastructure’s value.

Ambient monitoring: better air quality, better quality of work

Our surroundings impact our productivity and ability to concentrate. Stale air and stuffy rooms adversely affect performance and productivity. One way to improve workplace performance is to constantly monitor the indoor climate. IoT-based applications help track interior environmental parameters and improve working conditions in offices.

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems account for around 40 percent of the energy consumed in commercial buildings. A business that is able to control the indoor climate is in a much better position to contain its energy costs.

Benefits at a glance

  • Detailed insights into indoor climates
  • Higher productivity of building occupants
  • Higher energy efficiency

The benefits of ambient monitoring

Higher productivity

Better air quality can boost productivity by 10 percent or more.

Better insights

Workplace temperature, CO₂ levels and other parameters may be tracked with an array of connected sensors and systems. This information affords facility managers insight into the air quality, so they can take swift action.

Energy efficiency

Ambient data can also improve buildings’ energy efficiency – for example, if it is used to power up heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems only when their services are actually needed.

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Good air quality attainable with IoT solutions

A host of factors and systems has a hand in determining air quality, which is why efforts to improve it are most likely to succeed when the approach is holistic. A networked array, with sensors and data sources connected to the various vendors’ control systems, can provide all the information facility managers need to improve air quality. This connected monitoring array can track the following:

  • Room temperature
  • CO₂ levels
  • Air humidity
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Particulate matter
  • Room and desk occupancy

Monitoring workplace and building parameters is an exercise in convenience with easy-to-install sensors. Dashboards and apps visualize this data and push notifications to facility managers to keep them up to date on the quality of the air in their buildings.

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