Indoor navigation

The fastest way to get from points A to Z in buildings.

Indoor navigation: the wayfinder for building users

Finding one’s way around large building complexes can be frustrating. Valuable time goes to waste when employees, visitors and service providers wander the complex in search of their destinations. Real-time, in-building navigation solves that problem by guiding people to their destinations quickly and conveniently.

Benefits at a glance

  • Improved people flow in buildings
  • Building occupants find their way around more quickly

The benefits of indoor navigation


Better service provider management

Indoor navigation is much appreciated by service providers who rarely visit a building. The same goes for recent recruits on their first visit.


A convenience for everyone in the building

These systems can provide the information needed to help employees find a vacant workstation.


More productive maintenance runs

Maintenance runs are far easier to plan with a combination of indoor navigation and incident management systems. They save valuable time that can be put to more productive use on the job.

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Indoor navigation: good intel for smart shortcuts

Digital building plans serve as the reference maps for indoor navigation. They may be paired with other data sources to provide information such as:

  • Workstation and room occupancy
  • Event notifications with positioning data
  • Occupancy histories

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