Lift monitoring & predictive maintenance

Monitor lifts efficiently and optimize maintenance

Taking lift monitoring to a whole new level

Lifts are perhaps multistory buildings’ biggest selling point. Building owners and maintenance companies need to keep these key assets operating safely and reliably. That is not easy to do when operating data and qualified technicians are in short supply.

  • Lifts are a critical part of a multistory building’s infrastructure.
  • Facility managers lack central access to information on lifts’ condition and maintenance records.
  • Preventive maintenance puts a strain on budgets.
  • Unscheduled downtime is not just an annoyance – it’s also expensive.

The ability to remotely monitor lift status and optimize maintenance saves money and makes for more satisfied passengers.

Benefits at a glance

  • Central access to lifts’ status information and maintenance records
  • Maximizing the efficiency of maintenance work, cutting costs, and minimizing downtime

Making the most of the IoT to monitor lifts

A building manager who retrofits lifts with sensors gains access to a wide range of data. Facility managers can assess and compare this data to detect anomalies and make far more accurate predictions about future maintenance needs. This information enables building managers to maximize the efficiency of maintenance work, cut costs, and minimize downtime.

A sweeping view of operating and maintenance data


Lower costs


Less downtime and greater safety

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Technical overview of the use case

Building managers can retrofit various sensors and gateways to the car to collect data in real time. Cloud software monitors and analyzes key performance parameters, compiles this data, and presents it in a clearly arrayed dashboard. Predictive analytics tools are also available to help building owners and managers as well as maintenance providers streamline maintenance procedures to cut costs. What is most important, lifts of different brands and across multiple locations can be monitored via a single dashboard.

About the Lift Manager solution