Parking lot monitoring for commercial buildings

Finding a parking space, optimizing building and parking lot services – both are so much easier when everything is connected.

More convenient parking, more efficient capacity management

Parking lots can be a costly item on commercial buildings’ budgets. This is why building and car park operators have to make the most of available parking space to balance the cost/benefit equation. But often they lack the data that can tell them more about how the entire parking area and individual bays are being used.

Benefits at a glance

  • Detailed insights into parking space use and capacity utilization
  • Actionable data for measures to be taken at the right time
  • A more convenient and eco-friendly way of finding a parking space

Benefits of parking lot monitoring for commercial buildings


More transparency

Parking lot operators gain detailed insights into parking space use and capacity utilization.


Measures taken at the right time

Car park managers can take action on the fly. For example, they can steer searching motorists to available spaces or provide alternate parking when demand spikes.

Better service, more business

With the means to steer parking-spot seekers, operators can boost capacity utilization and business success in the short term. The gathered data provides a solid foundation for making decisions on long-term investments to adapt capacity.

Convenient search for parking

Drivers are able to find a parking space that much quicker, which also reduces environmental impact.

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Flexible parking lot monitoring for all types of facilities

A wide variety of hardware is available today to monitor parking lots. Building and parking lot operators can easily retrofit their facilities with sensors and / or cameras. Wireline sensors may be installed in the floors, walls, or ceilings of new buildings. Building and parking lot operators can also deploy cameras to monitor large areas.

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