Automatic emergency detection and emergency call

How algorithms can help shorten emergency response times and thereby save lives

How devices become lifesavers

It could happen to anyone: you are out on the road – on your bike or motorbike, or in the car – and you end up in an accident. But what if you are alone and unable to call for help?

Take another example: the burglar or smoke alarm goes off back home, while you are away on vacation. Who can go and investigate the problem and, if necessary, sort it out?

In such a situation, an automatic emergency detection and emergency call system is the perfect solution. As part of a connected solution, devices can automatically trigger an emergency call, notify professional call center agents and therefore become a lifesaver.

Vorteile auf einen Blick

  • Response times cut by up to 50 percent
  • Mitigation of the consequences of accidents
  • Value-added service that turns products into lifesavers

The benefits of an automatic emergency detection and emergency call system


Genuine added value for the end user

An algorithm, in combination with data from smartphone sensors, is able to automatically detect emergencies. This then triggers an emergency call and provides call center agents with precise information as to the severity of the accident, thereby enabling them to issue a targeted response.


Differentiation from similar products

Companies are able to provide their customers with a valuable service that could prove a genuine lifesaver in critical situations. Furthermore, an automatic emergency detection and emergency call system may well prove a unique selling point compared to similar products.


New revenue streams

An automatic emergency detection and emergency call system represents a value-added service that can generate new revenue streams for companies not only from their existing customers. It also enables them to address totally new markets and target groups.

Our solution: Help Connect

Help Connect enriches connected products with key sensor technology and thereby equips them with a service that can make all the difference between life and death. The resulting system automatically detects accidents and emergency situations, meaning that rescue services can arrive without delay. Thanks to Help Connect, our partner companies are able to give their customers a new and valuable feature as well as tap into totally new markets. And, best of all, it can be easily integrated via our SDK or API.

Here, it makes no difference whether partner companies already have their own accident detection system or whether this is still at the development stage. Together with our partner companies, we provide end-users with an integrated emergency call system that ranges from initial sensor-based detection right up to rescue at the scene of the incident. This revolutionizes emergency call services and guarantees rapid assistance in the event of an emergency.

Whenever an emergency situation is detected, Bosch call center agents are immediately notified. Should the person involved be unable to call for help, these agents organize assistance based on the information they receive as to the nature of the incident. Call center agents can be reached around the clock from 11 European countries.

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