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Digital car park management

Smart parking management helps operators make the most of parking space and enables landlords to tap new revenue streams.

Car park management – a cost factor for companies and car park operators

Inefficient use of parking space is a cost factor in many lines of business.

  • Operating costs can run high for owners of commercial properties. Some car lots are not as full as they could be because not all spaces are rented out. Most are deserted at night.
  • Tenants of commercial buildings pay steep rents for parking space, so that investment has to pay off.
  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic, more people will be traveling with their private cars. This means that parking spaces will be in higher demand.
  • Circling a car park in search of an empty space is a frustrating affair for employees and visitors.
  • A lack of proper parking management can even cost retailers money when frustrated customers head for the exit to park – and shop – elsewhere.
  • Retail staff on the sales floor can be better deployed thanks to alerts that are sent automatically when the car park is full.


Benefits at a glance

  • Actual data provide true transparency about the utilization of the parking space and allow for profound decisions.
  • Tenants can make well-informed decisions about renting additional spaces to meet actual demand or fewer spaces to save money.
  • Car park operators can tap new revenue streams by renting out unused spaces.
  • Employees, customers, and visitors who enjoy the convenience of reserving parking space also enjoy a far more satisfying experience.

Digital car park management  

Lots fitted with parking sensors or cameras provide accurate insights into space utilization. This provides a solid database for making decisions and managing parking spaces efficiently.

Transparency on utilization

Data-driven parking management

Additional revenue sources for landlords

Greater cost efficiency for tenants

Convenience for users

Efficient traffic control

Electric vehicle charging points

Access control

Parking management in various lines of business


Parking lot monitoring for retail stores

How parking lot monitoring improves overall store performance


Parking lot monitoring for commercial buildings

More convenient parking, more efficient capacity management

Parking sensors or parking cameras – which technology fits best?

Operators can choose among various technologies to meet their digital car park management needs. Existing car parks can be retrofitted with ground sensors and/or cameras. Wireline sensors are an option for new car parks. They may be installed in floors, walls, or ceilings as these facilities are built. Parking cameras often serve to monitor larger parking areas.

Our solution for digital car park management

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